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Yin, Yang and “regenerative” sexuality


An excerpt from the newly-released book, The Tao of Rejuvenation, by ANGELO DRUDA

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism, the male is understood to be the embodiment of the “yang” fire force to the female’s watery “yin”.  In the Tantric teachings of India, the male force is Shiva to the female’s Shakti.

In both systems and there are many others that use a similar framework conditional existence is seen as a great play of opposing forces: light and dark, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, birth and death.

It is a play of endless modifications.  Opposites attract each other, looking to find equanimity and resolution in each other.

The hot yang of the man seeks balance in the cool yin of the woman.

When the yang force of the male builds up, he finds himself moving quite naturally towards the female, looking to be relieved of the excessive fire he feels.

In our sexual lives, we make this “polarity” truly effective, truly powerful, when we conserve the reproductive substances our lovemaking stimulates.  In doing so, we unlock a tremendously potent force, one not only regenerative for our sexuality, but for our health altogether.

Through feeling and sensitive service to his partner, the male can help the woman to open and release the deepest knots at the base of her body, increasing her ability to conduct and receive love and life. As she opens, the woman can then grant her deeper yin essences to the man, cooling and refreshing him.

11-08-sexuality1In this heightened play of polarity, the “end-game” of degenerative orgasm is replaced with feeling beyond limit, transforming our sex and our health.

What is the payback of sexual conscious exercise?

Where we normally exercise to get “in shape”, sexual conscious exercise requires us to do the opposite. In response to our knots and inhibitions, we all tend to take on a particular shape or form in life.

With sexual conscious exercise, as we allow feeling to unravel these obstructions, this shape starts to loosen and fall away.

More and more, we start to get “out of shape”, and in doing so we release the form of our ordinary, inhibited life.

In this way, regenerative sexual exercise truly humanizes men and women, freeing the reluctant and inhibited from holding themselves back from pleasure, ecstasy, and love in their bedrooms.

Likewise, sexually conscious exercise calms the more sexually aggressive types. We accept our humanness with pleasure, humor, and love and are granted, in return, a peace and equanimity that allows the body’s regenerative hormonal chemistry to come alive.

chagallRightly practiced, sex becomes a deeply penetrating affair free of ambiguity. We come together to love, to have sex, to enjoy one another.

We let all those mad and silly erotic images, all those double-minded and self-conscious feelings about being turned on (and turning others on), unravel in love.  In this play, we lose our self-consciousness, our usual “face”.  The social face cannot possibly conduct such love and pleasure, and it is a great relief to let go of it.

Sexual liberation is not, as is sometimes thought, a matter of exploiting yourself. In a society obsessed with sex, sexual self-indulgence and promiscuity are sometimes paraded as a kind of “liberation”, as if this were the way to free ourselves of our knots and inhibitions.

Exploiting ourselves, though, does not free us. It is just another expression of the same insensitivity and stressful motivation that drive the suppressed puritan.

True sexual liberation is neither of these extremes. We become liberated only when we love instead, when we make ourselves vulnerable, capable of expressing and conducting more and more love with our intimate partner and everyone else.

Once this re-adaption is underway, sex becomes not merely a tool for feeling better, nor simply a time to be with your loved one.

Sex as a health practice

relationshipAs we begin to animate our love and devotion through regenerative sexual play, sex can be transformed into an advanced Second Grade health practice, or, as Adi Da Samraj writes in his book, The Dawn Horse Testament, one that is “highly aroused, intensely erotic, whole bodily pleasurable, [and] ecstatic. . .”

In this practice, he goes on, “self-consciousness is. . .constantly transcended in body, mind, feeling, and breath, thereby triggering positively converted hormonal flows (and, simultaneously permitting yogically significant openings) throughout the physical body and the nervous system.”

As this practice develops, the endocrine system, which is responsible for our hormonal output, begins to pour regenerative substances into the blood. At the same time, the liver, open and ventilated, increases blood flow.

In its advanced stages, some ancient texts say, the reproductive excess our conscious sexual exercise generates stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, causing them to secrete a rejuvenative substance traditionally called amrita. Eventually, as the fullness, bliss, and harmony of feeling ceases to be dependent on the exercise itself, sexual activity may even gradually and easefully come to an end.

taoAngelo is a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of The Australian Natural Therapist Association, and a senior educator in Mate Moce – the Ministry established by the spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj to instruct about the death process.

Angelo’s seminars about ancient rejuvenation practices and the death process have been offered worldwide. The Tao of Rejuvenation was published in January 2009.

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  1. Dear Angelo, your book sounds great and I'm going to get a copy for sure. In the meantime can you give me a couple of tips on how I can start practicing sexual conscience exercise?

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  2. Thanks Angie. Check out the chapter on Conscious Exercise and Sexuality in the book. There is also an essential study list in the back. That should give you a good basic training. Angelo

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