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With signs of apocalypse all around us, even Hollywood is obsessed with 2012

Worried about war, depression, global warming and the price of gas? No wonder everyone’s talking about the year 2012


BY VAISHALI, author of You Are What You Love® and Wisdom Rising

Everywhere I go I hear conversations — rumblings about 2012. As I watched the Dow zig-zag across 10,000 and Congress authorize trillions of dollars to rescue us from the financial crisis, the rumblings got louder.

What exactly is 2012, and why all the buzz about it? Google “2012,” and you’ll get a quarter-billion hits. Now, two years in the making, Hollywood’s publicity machine is adding to the uproar with the marketing campaign for Roland Emmerich’s holiday-season disaster blockbuster, 2012. Let me explain the basis for Hollywood’s spin, but first qualify our examination of the 2012 phenomenon:

Until the eminent date, Dec. 21, 2012 (or 11:11 GMT), becomes a present-moment reality, all conversations about this topic are merely conjecture and speculation. Nothing is known, or for sure. With that said, here is the meat of what people call, 2012.

Some time around the third, through-the-ninth, centuries AD, the Ancient Mayans, located in what we now recognize as Central Mexico south to the Yucatán, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and some of Western Honduras, created a calendar.

The Mayan calendar is just one among a very impressive list of things the Mayan civilization developed, such as the most advanced Pre-Columbian written language, mathematical and astronomical systems, exquisite works of art and outstanding architectural achievements. Clearly, the Mayans were not a group of slackers, lacking in imagination, creativity or sheer brilliance.

Although the 2012 debate revolves around the Mayan calendar, specifically, I mention these other accomplishments simply to offer a greater context and validation of the creators of this work.mayancalander

Unlike our contemporary 365-day Gregorian calendar, the Mayan version was more like a collection of calendars based on many cycles — cycles within cycles, and how they related to other cycles and almanacs. Much has been written about the many elements and complexities of the Mayan calendar, but for our purpose we are going to focus on a 26,000-year cycle, which the Mayan calendar predicts will end on Dec 21, 2012, thus starting a brand new 26,000-year cycle.

Here is what we know about the Winter Solstice of 2012 from astronomy. Once every 26,000 years, the Sun conjuncts the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of our solar system, thus putting us in alignment with our galaxy. This marks the end of the Earth’s 26,000-year precession.

Another way to visualize it would be this: I like to re-set my car’s trip odometer every time I stop and refuel my car. So I push the button, and all the numbers return to zero, thus beginning the recording on a new cycle of movement.  My car does not come to an end; I do not come to an end; and God knows gas prices do not come to an end. I am simply recording and marking the beginning of a new cycle of movement.

Here is how these celestial movements are expressed in astrology. Over the course of a year the Sun moves through every house in the zodiac.

In each 26,000-year cycle, the planet Earth moves through each of the 12 zodiac ages, each age being a little over 2,000 years long. There is also a relationship between the Sun and the Milky Way (the Galaxy not the candy bar).

In 2012, at the end of the current 26,000-year cycle, we will be moving from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.

So far, none of this sounds too scary or “airy fairy”, right?

So why is there all this end-of-the-world talk associated with a cosmic, inter-galactic odometer re-setting in 2012? And why the hell is Hollywood doing a big-budget disaster movies about it?

Think back to the year 2000, as in the computer bug and fears about a millennial apocalypse. People have not always responded to the unknown in the most healthy and predictable of ways, and this event seems to be no exception to that rule. Add to that something as mysterious and open to interpretation as the Mayan calendar, and you have a veritable confluence of volatile reactions.

The end of the Mayan calendar may have some “outer world” implications.  The scientific community has been pointing out for some time that the planet may be ready to shift magnetic poles. When exactly that will happen no one really knows for certain. Some predict by 2012.

What that means is that the magnet North Pole will become the South Pole and vice versa. This has happened in the history of the Earth before, but never during a post-industrial time.

No one really knows what the global repercussions will be. But it does seem obvious that mass communication: radio, television, cell phones, computers will on longer work after that magnet pole shift occurs, as the electro-magnetic spectrum will have been turned on its head. With no cell phone reception or email, it is easy to see why many might call that the end of the world.

There is also a scientific prediction of increased plate tectonic activity, meaning more earthquakes and volcanic activity, which in turn could produce more devastating tsunamis, like the kind we saw in Indonesia. There is even an emphasis on the probability of increased freak weather patterns – more frequent and violent hurricanes and tornadoes. And these are just a few of the made-for-Hollywood “outer world” implications.

There is also an “inner world” interpretation of this new age cycle that views 2012 as the dawning of a new age of consciousness, not cataclysmic Global trauma.

The idea is that this new cycle is about a rapid expansion of the collective human consciousness that will have evolved by 2012 much like the hundredth monkey theory.

For many, the Spiritual promise of 2012 is the heralding of a golden age of a more highly-evolved awareness. A time where the collective consciousness of the planet is experienced as more united, and unfettered by the previous Piscean Age of brutality and self-absorbed arrogance. A final, globally shared gestalt that all of human life is deeply and permanently interconnected.

As long as one group of people are struggling and suffering, we are all struggling and suffering. An ultimate awakening to a quality of consciousness that integrates us all, rather than separates us. A time when the power and worldwide abundance will flow from the hands of the few back into the hands of the many. An Age of planetary equalization. Think of it as an Earth-encompassing affirmative action program — only this one would actually work.

Here is the bottom line . . . whether you gravitate toward the “outer world” interpretation or the “inner world” vision of 2012, change is what life is all about.

Tomorrow is promised to no one; the time to practice mastery over change is now. Be comfortable with change. Invite it into your life with an optimistic attitude and open heart.  Whatever 2012 brings, change is guaranteed and inevitable. If you are the kind of person who resists change, likes everything to stay the same, then you probably respond to life challenges by contracting back into your comfort zone, instead of manifesting an out-of-the-box reaction. This means you will not be comfortable in a rapidly expanding and changing world.

Here are four things you can start doing right now to prepare:

  1. Practice doing things differently, even if it is just driving a different route than usual, watching a different television show, eating something unusual, dressing out of your traditional order, or installing the toilet paper over instead of under.
  2. Shake things up! Acclimate yourself to a climate of change and expansion. Be at ease and non-resistant to change and growth, no matter how inconvenient the circumstances.
  3. Give the pathways of your mind an opportunity to create new connections. Embrace the unexpected as a learning gift, and as another occasion to empower your relationship with change. Be the change you wish to see, as Gandhi so eloquently phrased it.
  4. Make change an energy you thrive on rather than a force you defy. Let change be the teacher and instructor of the moment. Allow a willingness of flourishing change to emerge organically in your life.

We came to the planet Earth to learn, to grow and to share more love. Whether 2012 ushers in radical physical Earth shifts or revelations of consciousness, relaxing into the flow of the ever-changing “what is” will always be relevant and serving.

Transformation has always exerted its presence on the Earth, and that will not disappear no matter what 2012 brings. Imagining the arrival of 2012 as an invitation to liberate what restrains and inhibits you, as an opportunity to grow in ways you had not previously considered, would be a wise and unconditionally useful choice.

That way no matter what life, 2012, or one hundred monkeys throw at you, you’ll be ready, resilient, primed, change-friendly and self-actualizing. Be sure to put that on your calendar.

And don’t forget to pick up your new 26,000-year calendar before the office supply stores run out.  I heard they’re only $50,000.

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising and You Are What You Love. She is also host of “You Are What You Love” (KTLK 1150 AM, Sundays 11-noon).  Vaishali learned to transform her life from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, domestic abuse and financial devastation.

Completely recovered, she shares her wisdom on her site.  You can also ontact her by email. Vaishali’s most recent article for Soul’s Code, The best health insurance plan: a state of play

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2 Comments on “With signs of apocalypse all around us, even Hollywood is obsessed with 2012”

  1. This is the best explanation -- in fact, the only -- I've heard about what exactly the 2012 meme is all about.

    If you go to Harbin Hot Springs, or Esalen, Omega, Findhorn or any number of New AGe communities, this is the buzz of the day -- and the housing and banking fiasco has everyone talking about it even more.

    I love how this women is a spiritual teacher, and takes distance form her own constituency -- that is, the New AGers and conspiracy theorists and magical thinkers.

    Very, very powerful declaration

  2. I loved the image of resetting the odometer. Let's face it. The Mayan Calendar had a 3000 odd BC start, but obviously we've been here a lot longer than that.So if we existed before the Mayan Calendar then there's no reason why we don't go on after it. Calendars just keep track of time for us. That's what the Mayans obviously had them for too!The world doesn't come to an end December 31st every year. I just take the old calendar down and put up a new one.
    I really love the embracing change advice at the end of this article. Having survived a serious bout of breast cancer and the death of one of my sons at the same time, I know how shocking such changes can be to the self.
    I talk about my life BC as before cancer. Life has never been the same since. Not in a physical sense, although that has obviously changed too. But on an experiential level. I don't experience my life the same anymore.
    Sometimes I get very sick of the changes that seem to be coming more and more often in my life. I look back at the BC of my life and idealize my innocence, my confidence, my trust in my world and my control over it. But deep down I know that my new life is lived with more depth, with more maturity. I try to go with changes. But I also understand that while all else is shifting around me, I have to have something firm beneath me- a surfboard I love to see it as- that allows me to ride the changes. For me that firm footing is my spirituality- my belief thatI am a spiritual being experiencing a physical life. Everything else can and does change and I do my best to use these changes as opportunities. Hey, if you've ever sat on a surf board when the surf is a flat as a tack, you know the importance of movement! And you can't ride the wave, unless you go with it.
    Thanks for this lovely article. It's helped me to realign myself with the surf!

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