Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Why Sarah Palin is more spiritually powerful than Barack Obama

The president prevaricates. He ponders. He delegates. Palin does none of those things

A cynic could argue that feminism is the last refuge of those who hate women. It’s why a staffer on Jerry Brown’s campaign can call Meg Whitman a “whore.” It’s why feminism’s signature issue in the United States isn’t halting genital mutilation in the developing world. Or getting protection for pregnant women in the workplace. No, it’s the right to kill an unborn child. And why not: after all a woman’s place is on the job, doing the bidding of someone else rather than making choices about her time for herself. Kids just get in the way of being a good employee.

And that’s why so many people hate Sarah Palin. She makes choices. And they’re polarizing ones. They’re also spiritual ones. No one chooses to give birth to a Down syndrome baby to make a political point. It was, clearly, a spiritual decision. It’s why she, and those around her, often make a bit of a mess. And it’s what makes her so powerful. She leaps without looking. She speaks without thinking. She’s led by her heart, not her head.

Take the Soul’s Code quiz: how much do you really know about President Barack Obama’s spirituality?

And that makes her more powerful, and more dangerous, than Barack Obama. Or as S.E. Cup wrote in The New York Daily News Wednesday:

“[N]othing raises the ire of cynical liberals more than a happy-go-lucky, totally unburdened, freethinking and self-assured conservative woman…”

Obama is none of those things. That’s why he’s trapped. He’s trying to tiptoe out of a war in Afghanistan started by another administration. He’s doubled-down on a pattern of corporate bailouts that strengthen the big businesses that oppose him. And now he’s embroiled in a debate over tax cuts Republicans set up not months ago — but years ago — to trip up his party. The most powerful man in the world won’t even issue the simple executive order needed to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He ponders. He prevaricates. He delegates. He splits the difference.

He has no faith.

What Palin has got that Obama does not: a place to stand.And because Palin and her allies do, they can make a dent in the universe. Palin is weaving the fiscal conservatism of the Tea Party with her own social conservatism. Take Palin’s pro-life stance. It’s not the most popular position, but it’s a position. And that gives the ex governor from Alaska something Obama doesn’t: a hard core of believers she can leverage. If Obama doesn’t want to be replaced by her, he’ll need to learn from her and take a few positions himself, popular or not. And quick.

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4 Comments on “Why Sarah Palin is more spiritually powerful than Barack Obama”

  1. Wait, what?

  2. Sarah Palin does not make me proud to be a woman. She is ignorant and self-serving. Don't you remember her brilliance in the Katie Couric interview? As one redneck comedian from 'The Real America' is known to say, "You can't fix stupid."


    I am the granddaughter of a woman who got pregnant and married at the age of 16, who gave birth to 12 children and died with her 13th one at the age of 42. I cannot fathom a woman who does not see the value in a woman's right to choose.

    Sarah Palin, you are polarizing and I am on the opposite pole from you.

  3. The sages tell us that emotion without knowledge is dangerous. One must develop the ability to use the power of discrimination. To take thoughtful action that will bring us closer to the light. Like uncontrolled horse that will lead us into a ditch, Sarah Palin has used her position to ignite emotionalism, anger and often hatred. This is not the sign of a good leader.

  4. "And why not: after all a woman’s place is on the job, doing the bidding of someone else rather than making choices about her time for herself. Kids just get in the way of being a good employee."

    Most women (and men) work because they have to to...you know...eat...and also because of hopefully some gratification they get from their job.

    If you want to ask why people aren't having more kids in the Western world perhaps you need to do a critique of capitalism. And since there are no lack of babies in the world, lack of reproduction isn't a world issue we have to be too concerned about....quite the opposite.

    The writer's attempt to boil down the essence of feminism to the right to kill unborn babies is misguided and offensive.

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