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Why 2008 was spiritually great

A piece of you: Soul’s Code readers report a year’s worth of their spiritual highs

SOUL’S CODE — The late, great 2008 was a perfect storm for pessimists. They glommed onto the fact that it was the worst year for the stock market since The Great Depression ($7 trillion vaporized). And rightfully mourned the bombing into oblivion of thousands during ‘surges’ in Iraq, Gaza and Georgia. On top of that, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (left, with Mia Farrow, 3 Beatles and a Beach Boy),  Arthur C. Clarke and Alexander Solzhenitsyn died.

Those negative notes didn’t faze the spirit of Soul’s Code readers and writers, though. We embraced a glass half-full openness to adventure.

Thank you for giving us your spiritual highs of the past year. We call them peak experiences. You call them whatever you like: they are miracles of your own making.

From Sweden to South Africa, may these 12 first-person accounts help inspire the time you have in 2009:

sonia at her pole

Ecstatic dance at a rave under the stars in England

I can recall a few spiritual highs from the past year . . . the one I have chosen to share with you was dancing in a forest at an outdoor rave/party.   My world became magikal, my body was moving to the music, I could hear every part of the music.  It was amazing! What a great time I was having, sharing this with some very special people – I felt ALIVE! and so did they. It’s also why it’s a very important part of my life.  I love travelling into another realm, and dancing my butt off all night!  Make life a party.

 - Sonia Allcock (North Wales, UK).  Sonia is pictured at right enjoying another kind of dancing.



 Working my love chakra, and intimacy with my husband

dawnI welcomed healing in my feminine centres — celebrating relationship with my husband, loving my part and supporting his part in the relationship. Also, this is a big moment, and as yoda as it sounds, I discovered and integrated the difference between trying and doing — commitment.

- Dawn Dancing Otter (Vancover, BC)



A suite of synchronicities: the symphony, San Francisco and the Rocky Mountains


My “spiritual high” of 2008 was a culmination of a whole series of synchronicities dating back to 45 years ago when I met a young woman who was a disciplined musician. This led her to membership in the New York Philharmonic. We remained good friends, although I moved to San Francisco and she remained in NY. The Philharmonic comes to Vail Colorado every summer for a week of concerts in an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. This summer I drove to Vail to spend the week attending concerts and rehearsals, listening to some of the most amazing music-making in a glorious setting.

 On the way there, driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, I came upon a small gathering of elk (pictured above) sunning themselves on a barren hillside. Getting out of the car with my camera, I cautiously approached the elk and spent a good 15 minutes sitting on the ground near them while we contemplated each other.

The combination of natural beauty and humanly-created beauty made the trip a true “Rocky Mountain High” that has stayed with me for months.

- David Rickey (San Francisco, CA)



I felt free when I let go of the three things I liked the most about myself

christinaIn meditation I let go of the three things I value the most about myself.  Choose which one is the most important, then the second and third. Let go of the third one first. To me, my most valued side was my strength, then my sense of fairness, and then my childishness :)

-  Christina Resell (Sweden)


Seeing the spirit in the sky


I often see “things” in clouds. My family was on our way on a holiday trip to Jeffreys Bay, a big surfing beach east of Cape Town. I was feeling very apprehensive and uneasy, as I had never been back since my Mom died three years ago. I wanted it to be special, as it was the first time that my kids would also be going there. I was sitting in the car as hubby was driving, and just silently praying/crying and asking for a sign that I will be strong and not break down with memories and cry in front of my family. Not ten minutes later I looked up in the clouds and there as big as life . . . my mother’s face smiling down on us! What more can we ask for? This was the second cloud message/answer I had received in two months.

- Muriel Harrison (South Africa)

dream stream



The power of folklore in a story circle

I led a group of very isolated and under-served, middle-aged women from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in weekly story circles this past winter/spring. This culminated in their performance of their own stories to a standing-room-only audience. This is what it’s all about in my dreamworld. Folks being heard!

- Angelyn DeBord (Appalachian Mountains).  Dream Stream (left), by Angelyn, is available for purchase.




Spiritual truths my grandmother told me

Time is so precious. I found out from my darling grandmother that your mind never gets old. She said she still feels sometimes she should be getting ready for school, and has to pick up her school chums to take to school. (She was 14 at the time; they didn’t have driver’s licenses back then. She drove from Santa Monica, CA to downtown LA Monday-to-Friday in a three-speed.)  She said time doesn’t age the mind but does hell to the body. Sometimes she said she doesn’t know who that old lady in the mirror is. She also doesn’t know where the time went. Be aware of the time given to you.  Happy New Year!

- Greg H. (San Francisco, CA)



White Tantra and Kundalini awakening

 My spiritual highs for 2008 were going to the 3HO White Tantric Solstice celebrations, both summer and winter. Afterwards I felt more presence, peace, joy, light — and less fears, obstacles, confusions than ever before, and was equipped with effective kundalini and awareness technologies to sustain that state throughout the year!

 - Emma Juniper (Austin, TX)


An epiphany about curing my illness after watching Christmas Mass

I watched Christmas Mass at the local Church on the television.  During the Eucharist I lay back on my bed and put my hands in a mudhra and opened myself to the divine. Slowly I felt energy surge through my body and gather at my belly, it seemed to increase as I concentrated on it and its source.  Soon I began shaking as I often do when I practice my reike.  This was a culmination of personal inner journeys recently trying to remedy an old poisoned paradigm — my last big one, I think. I had an epiphany about the reasons I was still unable to clear this disease, though  I have been at it for years.  In that instant I recognized its inner workings, and in doing so, believe I am close to deprogramming it.

The shaking subsided, and I again turned my attention to the Bishop, feeling lightened. I am proud that all my inner work and rumination came to a happy completion of sorts.  I also felt grateful to Jesus, and to the Divine for their continued support and guidance in my times of need. I’m honoured that they deem me worthy of such. I shall do my best to live with this realization and to eventually share it with others in my comeunity (not a typo) who may utilize its lesson.

- Michael Hampson (Hamilton, ON)



Like the Matrix said, ‘There is no spoon.’ My firewalking retreat in California, where I bent rebar with my bare hands

Being fully connected to source through my transformation by walking on fire and jagged glass and bending steel rebars.  I did this during my firewalking advanced instructor certification in Twain Harte in California.  I walked over 40 feet of fire every day for 15 days.

- Mandy Sandhu (Toronto, ON), walking over hot coals in the picture at left. 





A spontaneous meditation after a rush-hour drive to Lake Tahoe, CA

As I drove in endless Friday rush hour traffic towards the shimmering blue that was Lake Tahoe  one weekend in the spring, I was feeling tired and regretting my decision to accept an invitation from a friend for a getaway by the lake when I could have stayed home and worked.  Two months after my promotion I was feeling weighed down by my new responsibilities and the challenges and frustrations of representing persons accused of committing serious crimes.  What had at first seemed exciting and challenging, handling felonies instead of juvenile cases, had become overwhelming and depressing as I struggled to help clients with problems so intractable there seemed to be nothing that could be done.

As the road climbed up and then down the only thing that kept me from going back but a lack of places to turn the car around.  Finally as I approached my destination I was close enough to see the magic blue of the lake and my feelings of being frustrated, warm and stiff from sitting in the car for hours started to melt away.

I discovered a winding path, and followed it down to my friend’s wooden cabin by the blue water.  I walked down to the dock and sat down on the sun-warmed wooden planks in complete quiet, not a sound anywhere, no animals, no people, just me and the stars and moon in the sky.  Time slowed, and stopped, as twilight turned to dark. At first I could make out the contours of the lake and the life around it but as I sat in the darkness I soon saw only the stars.  The universe seemed to grow and expand as I looked out at the stars in the sky, which seemed to grow larger and more brilliant. And my problems became smaller, and I felt myself connecting with and becoming part of the the energy of the universe.  I don’t know how long I stayed at the dock but
it was cold and dark when I returned to the cabin. Even now, if I close my eyes I feel I am back on the shores of that shimmering blue lake, connecting with something outside myself.

- Anne Fokstuen, San Francisco, CA



 Receiving a blessing from Amma, ‘the hugging saint,’ on the anniversary of my mother’s death

amma.jpgAmma is a living saint from a poor village in India who has literally hugged and blessed 26 million people over the past three decades. She has completely devoted her life to helping others, and stays up for days at a time with little sleep to administer her Hindu sacraments to long lines of people. When she does this in India, she draws crowds that would make Obama wilt with shame: a quarter-million people or more.

In June, I saw Amma — her name means, “mother” — in the relative-luxury of her Ashram in San Ramon, CA.

  She is virtually devoid of personality, and does not seem to be of this world. She embraced me and whispered kriyas in my ear in her language, and the raw voltage of her presence is almost intimidating; my mind was tempted to filter the experience, which felt like a deep energetic re-programming, so I wasn’t overwhelmed.

 They say that the spiritual power Amma is channelling is a universal mother energy, and I definitely felt the restoration of a link that had been lost. I didn’t plan it this way: it just happened to be the day my mother had died, the previous year.

- Paul Kaihla, San Francisco, CA

Thanks to each of you who shared your spiritual highs.  We look forward to hearing about more of your peak experiences in 2009!  Please add YOUR spiritual high in the comments box below.

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13 Comments on “Why 2008 was spiritually great”

  1. This year I chanted Torah for the first time since my bat-mitzvah, 21 years ago. It was a several month process, re-learning the notes, gaining confidence in my chanting, and overcoming emotions I didn't know would appear as I started on this process.

    On Yom Kippur I stood before my congregation, which included my mother and aunt who live out of state, and my grilfriend and I chanted. I felt incredibly alive and full of strength and that feeling has stayed in my heart.

  2. For the public figures who will be mourned . . . You missed Sir Edmund Hillary, the first western explorer to scale Everest, as well as Anthony Minghella, who directed the English Patient, Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain.

    Also, this New Year has already witnessed the death of the oldest recorded living person on Earth:

    Maria de Jesus, who was born September 10, 1893 and was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records and the Gerontology Research Group as the world's oldest person, died in an ambulance near the town of Tomar.

    De Jesus, who outlived three of her six children, had 11 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, had eaten breakfast normally but was being taken to hospital because of a swelling, her daughter Maria Madalena told state news agency Lusa.

  3. The middle of 08 was a really tough time, nothing appeared to be working for me, especially in the area of work. Despite trying hard, I just couldn't get work. Somehow though I just knew life had to improve, I wasn't sure how/where or even when, just that it had to get better. I then turned to internet marketing as a new career path.

    Again, seemed like no matter how hard I worked, the results were pitiful. But my Guides kept telling me to keep trying in IM, so I did. I got the 'break' everyone dreams off and the high was incredible. I felt the full power of my Guides joy mingle with mine. I was, to say the least, ecstatic and have remained on that 'high', even when frustrated over technical things, it's there all the time. Naturally it does go up and down a little but I knew without any shadow of doubt the full might and power of the Universe and how it can and does move to help us, especially when we give gratitude each day for the beauty already in our lives.

  4. one of my spiritual highs for 2 "woe" 8 was venturing into a century old cemetary to take photos of the flowers, memorials, gravestones and amazing statues that populate the space.

    as i meandered to the end of the property i saw a multitude of huge blackberry bushes, all full to overflowing with ripe - and as i soon found out - juicy fruit. many had fallen to the ground and birds circled around enjoying the bounty. as i enjoyed the sticky, sweet fruit, i thought about the "circle of life".

    no need to be afraid of death...maybe my physical body will nourish a berry bush and feed the birds one day. guess i'll wait and see :)

  5. Loved the article :) Great inspiration!!

  6. I look forward to subscribing when the subscription section of this wondrous site works

    Remember the many
    compartments of the heart,
    the seed of what is
    possible. So much of who
    we are is defined by
    the places we hold for each
    other. For it is not our ingenuity
    that sets us apart, but our
    capacity for love, the
    possibility our way will
    be lit by grace. Our hearts
    prisms, chiseling out the
    colors of pure light.

  7. I'd like to add my spiritual "high" to this list though it may not strike you as a high.

    I have spent the past several months since the election of Barack Obama exploring the discussions about same-sex marriage and have managed to deplete my spirit severely. Though we are now entering 2009, my spiritual recovery didn't come until this morning, so I'll tack it on...

    Please visit my story at: http://efenz.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/eternity/

  8. My Moment of clarity came in 2008 when someone told me that the true meaniing of humility was living life without comparison, everything just seemd to get easier after that funny eh?
    my motto
    " Don't Whine in 09"
    Danny Boy

  9. Inspired by all of the other writings. My wonderful clarity came to me two days ago. We all have a gift it does not matter how big or how small it is. In this universe every attempt to use it is important to the individual or helping others with it. I ‘ve learned that a gift from God is something to be cherished. Not letting anyone trying to violate it or try to destroy it. By keeping that gift close to your heart, and used by the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient we can reach higher level of God consciences. With that in mind, I am going to keep my gift close to my heart and remember we are here to help one another with God’s directions.

  10. For a few moments, I experienced myself as just Light, the result of absolute surrender and openness to Love.

  11. Seeing the Dalai Lama in Madison, Wisconsin for several days in July. He taught so skillfully, interweaving two texts by Shantideva and Kamalashila. Amazing...I'm getting the DVDs from Deer Park Buddhist Center and hopefully studying them with others. Recreate the high? Hope so...

  12. Daily gratitude to our Spiritual realm for allowing us to stay in our home, together as a family unit...Loved,warm, fed,and truly blessed.X0..

    (We almost lost our home due to my partner suffering a long-term health problem, and every day is a hurdle)....Remaining positive!!! Ohhh Yes....Lvnugz & blessings. X0

  13. I guess my spiritual high was pretty radical last year.

    Life seems to tick along for several years then 'wham' something happens to turn it about face. You have been living a life where you have been so consumed by responsibility, on a treadmill if you will, where there seems no time for choice and all you must do is keep going. Something, deep inside, reaches a point and says 'no more, you are going to change, like it or not'.

    That happened to me. My spirit cried out with force and the universe heard it.

    I went through an extremely challenging time, emotionally, psychologically and physically; it was a real test of strength on all levels. Hey, call it mid-life crisis, that would be a convenient label, but the truth is it was just little old me inside saying 'you got one life, you've got to enjoy it'.

    So I just let go, gave myself permission to say 'No!' to a few things and let the consequences follow.

    Now I have a new job, a partner I love and a more definite view of what I want and who am I.

    We all know that just keeping a roof over heads these days is difficult...... I had to give custody of my 12 year old son to his father last year because we both knew he could give him more...........but we have to be thankful for the good things in life.... simple things; the love of partners, family, friends; having the basic things we need; the pleasure that comes that doesn't cost a thing but, maybe, most importantly the childlike wonder that somehow lifts it's head and says - yes, life is great!

    Remember, you can lose a lot things but one thing no one can take is your right to be just who you are and enjoy life!

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