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Is the lottery a ticket to spiritually $urviving?

When you buy a lottery ticket you may be doing more than wasting your cash; you might just be buying into negative karma

During the Great Recession, lottery ticket sales have skyrocketed. Why is the lottery a last resort ?

BY MARY GIUFFRE — The monetary system that rules our planet is a mind-made invention that truly has no basis in anything tangible, or the fundamental denizens of the universe.

On the great, big greed scale that has become the sum of our existence, it’s a way for our egos to keep track of who the ‘haves’ are, and rank everyone else.

We’ve been led to believe that our hopes, dreams and desires in this life are directly tied to the green stuff, kind of like those tubes that feed the pods in the movie, The Matrix.


As a Feng Shui practitioner, I’ve observed that the No. 1 subject that most of my clients ask me is  how to acquire more money.

But when it comes to discussing what’s in their bank account? Most would rather clean a septic tank.

People may not want to talk about what they have, but they never mind sharing what they want!

No matter how much cash people have, they’re always seeking more.  They complain that they work hard for too little. When they get it, they either hoard it or spend it.  Either way they’re afraid that they don’t have enough, so everything monetary becomes a vicious repetitive cycle rather than a free flowing exchange.

Money is an energy

lotteryMoney is just a thing, and all things can be vehicles for energy.  As thought patterns are energy, you can use this vehicle to drive a financial flow in any direction you choose.  What you believe about the economic state of the world or your personal wealth can be positive or negatively charged by you.

So, which direction a

re you steering your cash flow?

Judging by the record sales of lottery tickets, many are gambling on a mass Ponzi scheme — or what economists call ‘the greater fool theory.’

From an odds perspective, purchasing a lottery ticket is irrational.  The more tickets sold, the higher the jackpot — and the less likely it is that your number will come up. But millions of people line up at kiosks in wretched anticipation of the big one. I mean, win.

The trouble is, the anxious low-level energy stimulated by these desperate lottery ticket purchases becomes a spinning vortex of doom that is attached to the windfall.  Unfortunately, the prize-winner goes home with the negative energy of all the desperation and destroyed dreams that was accumulated over the course of the buying frenzy.  PLUS all the disappointment attached to the loss.  A whole lot of bad vibes accompany that cash, so it’s rare when big lottery winners do well for an extended period of time.

Bartering is better karma

Barter on the other hand is my very favourite form of currency.  An equal exchange of goods or services is a balanced and harmonious energetic transaction.  This agreeable state uplifts the parties involved and because of the nature of energy it is beneficial to everything on the planet.  The state of our financial world has barter making a graceful come back, and I am all for it.bartering

The fortunate minority who have discovered the ecstatic qualities of the money machine are not necessarily the rich and famous, but those who’ve come to understand that money, like everything else in our universe, deserves to be empowered with respect rather than adoration and responds to nurturing and not abuse.

We enter and exit this planet with absolutely nothing but our vast and expanding spirits, pure divine energy connected to the rest of the complex energetic system. When it comes to our financial abundance it’s up to us to positively charge and direct the energetic flow.

By opening our minds and hearts to uplifting energies, we change our thinking.  Our vibration rises from doubt and fear to that of abundance and prosperity. We vibrate in sync with our divinity and the world’s treasury becomes our own.

Award-winning television producer/director Mary Giuffre stepped out of mainstream media to devote herself to the greater good.  Mary’s finely-honed abilities help move energy from thought-to-feeling, enhancing energetic balance, harmony, abundance and overall well-being.  Visit her at SoulWater EnergyWorks.  Read Mary’s previous article for Soul’s Code: Discovering the spirituality of tattoos.

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2 Comments on “Is the lottery a ticket to spiritually $urviving?”

  1. Very true, although unfortunately we cannot live without money. It is needed to pay bills, take care of our animals, help others in distress. I agree, money is pure energy and often the energy placed on it is negative.

    However, it is not money which is the root of all evil but the LOVE of money. If it becomes the only object in a persons life, then it has become a LOVE not a necessity. A person who will do ANYTHING for money, has a negative relationship with it.

  2. Money is not good or bad. Money is energy, and it is our perception we place on it that determines if it is good or bad. Although, money is needed to pay for the experiences we desire, it is a very personal topic for most people. You are correct that people would prefer to discuss their bathroom habits or even their sex habits than their bank account balances.

    Over the years I have worked with numerous people to assist them in living a prosperous life, and I have found most people desire more money, yet they have beliefs and attitudes (scarcity mindset) that is out of harmony with having an abundance of money. They fail to realize that their bank account balance is a reflection of their mindset.

    A Prosperous Mindset attracts money and Scarcity Mindset blocks the flow of money.

    If people have beliefs such as money is hard to make, rich people are greedy, or you have to be smart to make money, then they have a scarcity mindset. These people are usually attracted to the lottery unless they are forbidden by their religious belief. Truly prosperous people know that money a by-product of the service or products they offer to other people. The more service or products they offer, the more money that flows to them. At the time, they know that the more money they give a way, the more that flows to them. But the most important thing, prosperous people feel they are worthy to have an abundance of money, and poor people do not.

    If a poor person wins millions of dollars in the lottery, they are usually worst off financially within five years. This occurs because of their scarcity mindset.

    By the way, the monetary system doe not our planet. Money is only a servant , and you are master. When you use it as a tool to assist you with manifesting your desires such as taking a trip to Hawaii, paying your child college tuition, or giving money to help Haiti, you are the master. However, when you use money to control people, getting into excessive debt, or building up your image, you are a slave to it.

    Finally, choose to be financially prosperous because it is difficult for poor people to help other poor people, but it is much easier for wealthy people to help the poor around the world.



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