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What happens in Haiti, doesn’t stay in Haiti

Will soul evolving strength and beauty emerge from the rubble of Haiti?

GUEST COLUMN BY CHELSEA LANGAN — It’s been a tough couple of days for Haitians, their families, and sympathetic souls around the world. The devastation that has unfolded in such an already grief stricken island seems catastrophic.

But on a positive note, I believe they’ve acquired a rare opportunity to rebuild their nation from the ground up with a new, uncanny, unprecedented strength and perception that has the potential to spread miracles to the rest of the world.

One might consider the damage from the earthquake a free demo, a courtesy, rather, from God himself.

Although many of the Haitian structures deemed sacred have been leveled, or re-leveled in some cases, I don’t question God’s testaments to the ephemeral.

We are fleeting creatures on a fleeting plane, and he wants you to understand this.

There is no real value in that which can be so easily torn asunder. Even if something is deemed sacred—which everyone is free to do— it will not compare to the sacredness of Source, of our souls themselves.

Where are you at with your perception? If you didn’t think poverty-stricken Haiti was beautiful and sacred then, can you now? Can you see God in the rubble at all? If you are now moved to improve your perception, begin reading A Course in Miracles. It’s really just as simple as changing your mind.

Haitians have been forced in a relatively harsh manner to re-evaluate what is truly dear, the love of souls, so I am confident they will emerge a renewed people with only the keenest eye for the soul of man!

There is much strength and beauty that will emerge from the rubble, and any life that looks as if it were lost is okay.

Also, those who look as if they’re suffering chose to long beforehand to help show you what you, too, should be thankful for.

It’s all a blessed reminder.

Death on such a scale is simply an enhanced version of the endless cycle of birth and death we remain steeped in. It may look as if it were forced, or people were really suffering, but such an occurrence could only happen to the strongest souls on Earth to honor the vitality they’ve accumulated thus far and help push the rest of humanity in their direction.

Everyone is safe. They may think they have scars on their souls forever, but scars easily disappear when you come from forever.

Please add your comments of support and love for the people of Haiti.

chelsea1Chelsea lives and blogs on the outskirts of Charleston, SC, and teaches a Vibrant Living Course at the Technical College of the Lowcountry in Beaufort, SC.  She plans on pursuing Reiki and Psych-K studies further, and will begin her Master’s in Social Work soon. She considers her full time job to be focusing on the best the world has to offer so that she can manifest more of it for everyone. Chelsea blogs at Spirit Boutique.

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28 Comments on “What happens in Haiti, doesn’t stay in Haiti”

  1. May the light of creation shine on all those suffering. May it take away this dark time for them.

  2. I am sending Reiki to Haiti!

  3. Wishing peace and love to ALL.

  4. I'm reminded of the Buddhist teacher's response to the question :"Is death real or an illusion?" His answer was "Death is a very real illusion." For now, I think we need to know that for these people death and suffering is real. Learning the deeper lessons takes time and a certain level of work. Having a niece and nephew who are adopted from Haiti, I can feel the intense loss these people are experiencing. It is my hope as well, that this experience will change the people, help them to not only recover but evolve beyond the poverty mentality that caused the conditions that aggravated the destruction. But now, all we can do is reach out in what ever way we can. Nurses, for example, are ready to travel, only needing funds to make it happen. And then the rebuilding will need to be funded and physically aided. I hope the Haitian people recover more resilient than they already are. I have to match my hope by my action to help that happen.

  5. The headline of this post is a beautiful mantra. Very, very, very nice.

  6. The trap: we who have worked in the mainstream American media is that the brand names and channels market this unspeakable energetic event in Haiti as segmented "news." It's not "news," as we would hope for it. It's content sold against advertiser-approved input. What do people *do* in America or Haiti every day? You couldn't sell it as "the news."

    Full stop . . . we at Soul's Code send the full collective power of our prayers and intention so that all beings in Haiti may be free of suffering.

  7. I totally agree with your train of thought, David, but I think it's really important to be reminded of what's really going on, even now. I'm sure this kind of knowledge could help encourage those recovering from severe injuries, who are open to it, to remain resilient. Furthermore, crises tend to open people up to the possiblities in the most remarkable way. It's the single most effective means by which my less involved friends can be inspired enough to start reading the material that describes the self awareness and conciousness schools of thought. I could write a whole new article about it.

    However, this article is meant to attempt to prevent, or at least ease, the sense of loss everyone feels. When we realize how full circle love really is and that we are that love, we realize nothing has been lost, only reassessed and rearranged. Their 'lost' relatives are probably closer to them now than they were when they were in Haiti. All they have to do is believe in the unseen. It's really just as simple as them changing their minds. There is much for everyone to learn still!

    Haiti is receiving the attention they've needed desperately for decades! They're being forced to reevaluate how they live and think, and as a result are now in a prime position to create a loving, sustainable society in the future. Is it going to be a phenomenal challenge? yes. It's a massive change. Will some say it can't be done? yes. But do only the most positive interpretations and actions bring people into the most progressively loving lives on Earth to come? yes.

    I love the "matching my hope with action" line, too! It's key!

    Many prayers and thoughts, and much love to the people of Haiti in their time of drastic need and change!

    And great point, Paul!

  8. Haiti was already the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. I believe that the souls of the deceased contracted with one another to give up their physical bodies in order for the world to take notice of this God forsaken country. Unfortunately it had to get so much worse for it to get better.

    Every act is an intentional act and this earthquake hit Haiti for a reason--as difficult as it is for us to fathom. I believe that Haiti now has the opportunity to rebuild and offer hope and a future to all those left standing. We must now help with our prayers, time, and money. We all talk a good game regarding hope & humanity; now we must deliver!

  9. While I am a firm believer in the importance of spirituality and spiritual work, I winder if Soul's Code is not missing the most important work by talking about spirituality instead of contributing to immediate earthquake relief. First things first...

  10. Did you read the article, Jon? It's all about spirituality and how the correct spiritual perspective can provide relief, even remote relief, from wherever a reader resides. It's all about how any spirit that passed in the earthquake is really ok. If you have something else in mind, please do share. I'd love to hear it.

  11. There are two levels of "relief" in the "real" world, and both are important. I think Chelsea's article is, at least at in part, to give us a deeper perspective so as not to be overwhelmed. Whether intentional or not, this earthquake has called the world's attention to the deeper problem of poverty. Of course we can't say for sure about the "reason" for anything. But it does seem that some of the worst tragedies of the last 10 years have happened in the poorest areas, from Tsunamis in Southeast Asia, to hurricane Katrina. The response or lack of it demonstrates the need for an evolution in human consciousness so that poverty is eradicated (Read Mohammad Yunas' "Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism" for example.) Once we have moved beyond the tragedy, we must move toward changing the way we live in relationship to all other life on this planet.

  12. I totally agree that the real earthly issue is the poverty that plagues so many countries during an era of abundance for so many others! We have blatantly failed to distribute the wealth and education we've been able to aquire to build our own infrastructures, so it's time to share with the rest of the world! Spiritually speaking, our new main objective should be to feed, house, and educate the world. And hey, they never thought the world would be round or women would vote, so it's possible! I have some ideas about how we could do it, too. I blogged about it last month :

  13. I've read the article and it's rather interesting and yet, I dare say that the structures that have been demolished didn't rid Haiti of the evil that rules in the form of black magic, witchcraft, voodism, Santerina and all that other stuff.

    As I looked at the remains of the Notre Dame Cathedral my thoughts were of how the RC religion has blended with's a fact and carried on in Cuba as well.

    Perhaps God or the Creator or whomever we choose to call Him...can and will work good out of all this. When I wrote on my blog about the earthquake, my intro was a question on why, to a people who have nothing but suffering and hardships already...but who am I or anyone to question; right?

    There's already plenty of "spiritual growth" in Haiti - but not the right kind. I hope, therefore, that the Spirit of Light will shine and rid that tiny place of the evil that has ruled for all too long!

  14. I believe people are starting to wake up to the fact that we are all in this together and when tragedy strikes we unite as one people and share our's like we are in school and we are in kindergarden and learning how to share.. this will make a better world. Love is the Way!

    Peace love n light

  15. Tragedies can help all of us to come together and help those in need. Me and some friends are doing a fund raising this coming weekend and we are going to give all the money to the red cross to help Haiti.

    Hugs, Carlos

  16. If you have most of the world feeling sadness for these poor people can this be an opening for the world to come together and help? We are only as good as we are when we are helping people. Could this be a call from God to help your fellow man today? This may be the key to salvation, "doing something for others that are less fortunate than yourself." It just may save your soul.

  17. I believe it does. It provides a focus for empathic concern and action worldwide. It gives the military something constructive to do rather than making war. It would be nice to believe it will harbor a larger change in consciousness.

  18. Boston is one of the most Haitian populated US cities - I'm familiar with Haitian families in an inner city sport program, taxi drivers, nurses and security guards. The world exists. Right now Haitian families are THE immediate crisis - please emanate healing energy to them.

    You may have seen President Clinton and President Bush (the younger one) were interviewed by Sunday AM political shows. Bush was questioned a couple of times about US gov't response similar to New Orleans. It was interesting how he said the same things over again, but made it clear numerous times how there needs to be a focus on immediate emergency, health care, food issues before considering politics.

    Clinton confirmed and was more eloquent about future considerations. They did their best at keeping the media away from negative presumptions. I'd like to know what others think about this partnership?

  19. It's important that some here look at what is really "Haitian Vodou" - check

    It is a blend of African indigenous spirituality and Roman Catholicism. It is not about devil worship or sticking pins in dolls. It is one way of trying to understand the mysteries of life and death. It may lack intellectual vigor but so does conservative Christianity. None of that separates the Haitian humanity from you and me.

  20. I taught a Reiki class yesterday, and suggested this to my students as well--that this devastation is an opportunity for compassion and grace. When I came home, I saw this article. I am grateful that you are thinking this way.

    I believe that all wounds present an opportunity for healing and grace. I felt this way after the attacks in NY on September 11 as well.

  21. LOL Great point about Haitian spirituality, David!! There's absolutely no reason for us to judge Haitian spirituality just because we're so much less familiar with it than we are the more literal interpretations of the Bible so rampant in much of our more local Christianity! They'd probably call many of our own people nuts if they knew what was going on. And to be frank, the assumptions are the same! Beliefs in the devil or evil are purported themes in both Haitian spirituality and much of Christianity! It's the belief itself that sets it that illusion. But when God is all loving, all knowing, and all powerful, the devil and fear simply doesn't exist.

    So, even if Haitians, or anyone for that matter, did believe in evil or the devil, it's impossible for their fantasies to effect our ultimate realities. Fear is simply the lack of love. I tend to think that ideals such as the devil and evil were made up like movies to see or toys to play with while we're human...even evil devil toys, for much of the same reasons people pay so much money to go to the movie theater just to get the nanny scared out of them.

    There are only hellish experiences on earth for those who enjoy those experiences, and again, I believe the Haitians who experienced the earthquake essentially decided they wanted to be in a scarier 'movie' this time around than the average. They're really ok. Everything is going as planned in pursuit of creation, and anyones' fleeting earthly beliefs in a nonexistent devil or evil force holds absolutely no ground above ground! Obviously lol ;)

    SO glad you enjoyed the article, Pamela! Cheers to Grace!!

  22. To confirm your comment of Haitians being the strongest souls on earth. Years back, a hospice nurse in Delaware shared with me that she visited a poor client living in a trailer and when she had completed her duties her patient wanted to give back something to her. He prayed for her. Her experience was so profound cause she actually felt the 'prescence' there. I told her, people who are poor, pray often. They pray to pay their bills, get food on the table, pray each day and often. That creates a direct connection with the Divine.

    Sometimes those who have, forget to give thanks and to also pray for those who don't.


  23. Who in their righteous, grateful minds having any morals would suppose that there isn't some sort of spirituality going on across the world any time a tragedy of this magnitude happens ...not withstanding one right here on American soil?

    The world finds ways to come together to help those in crisis much as they have in the past with the Tsunami's, 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, Lockerby Scotland and many, many more tragedies that have struck this world of humanity.

    The burning question is...will humanity learn from it? Will they keep the watch over each others lives and turn a negative into a lasting positive? Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with those who've lost loved ones and especially the innocent children not knowig what happened, how it happened and where their loved ones have gone.

    No one, (even Rev. Robertson) has the right to judge anyone else, their belief systems included. There is only one supreme being that has that right and we as humanity should focus on helping each other and insuring the future of the children for centuries and decades to come no matter what country they live in , for it could be ay one of us or our family or children ...couldn't it?

    As Americans we all still live in some assemblance of freedom and we can choose how we want to believe one way or another. It is up to us as blessed a nation as we all are to give a hand up to others less fortunate and dealing with crisis and tragedy.

    Idealistic? Maybe...but each of us knows our own heart and what sacrifices we're willing to make to help another human being. Spiritual? Yes ...we believe there will be a series of crisiss and tragedies throughout the world in years to come an if we're not the ones to extend a helping hand and offer something better to believe in ...we are no better than those who deny help and offerings for a world of suffering and humanity.

    We can all honestly say in this horrible tragedy in Haiti ..."but for the grace of God ...there go I".

  24. People become numbed by being self-absorbed -- as a matter of fact it is said you can't be depressed when you're honestly and deeply caring for another. In the recent media panics over the state of things, people have forgotten what they have to be grateful for. Those masses able to rise to compassion for others spend less time being depressed or self-absorbed by what they don't have, and perhaps move towards gratitude for what they do have. That creates an important change in the energy of the world and in the collective consciousness that we desperately need right now. Compassion and gratitude are holy "white light" types of energy, and just a hair's breadth from passion and joy.

    If the collective consciousness is pulled in many directions, it fragments people & society too. When we're all moved by a tragedy, the collective consciousness is consolidated.

    With all the depression, fear, panic, uncertainty, self-absorption, and media frenzy in the past 1-2 years over the economy, we needed something big to wake up (as a whole -- I'm not discounting those of us who never "fell asleep" during that time).

  25. Nice response there Gary.

    Tragedy has been happening in Haiti since before you and I were born Chelsea. A better question is, why do we wait until after that news makes CNN to issue a response?

  26. It's just time to. Reminders come in many forms all the time. When we've been thinking we've been percieving tragedy for so long in so many ways and places, it becomes harder to be moved by them. However, sometimes the reminders are so poignent they reach into our hearts to demand attention, and we're simply unable to ignore them.

    1. Mick Quinn,

      Sorry if we offended you that was never our intention. You ask why do we as human beings wait until after the news arrives to respond?

      We would suppose that once the news arrives, we all need time to thoughtfully process the news and also take time in finding the right places where there is compassion and understanding present to respond with our personal and private thoughts about any given situaion or tragedy in life.

      Surely you also know __it's heartbreaking enough to imagine ourselves in the same situation as we can almost never imagine it. It's akin to being a teenager thinking our parents are ignorant of our own beliefs and life experiences and that surely as younger people we know better.

      In fact, it's not even about age as we all have our own lives, experiences and knowledge of to process as we continue living and learning about such tragedies.

      We thank you for your concerns also and respect that you too feel all the emotions and thoughts processsing such situations. After all _-who of us really knows how we truly will feel if and when such would happen to us personally?

      Yes __it's difficult to imagine such and even more difficult to place ourselves in any one other person's or families shoes.

      God Bless You & Yours as we go forth in life and do the best we can to always have emotions, feelings and compassion for our fellow world brothers and sisters!

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