Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Weekly Rx: Get Naked

Vlogger Lucymisser tries something new. The Japanese student vlogs au-naturale as an experiment to improve her grades. The inspiration arose after she discovered revealing research: being naked makes you more relaxed, improves your focus and is a bulwark against depression. Hers is a “serious experiment” and not a sexploitation excercise, according to Miss L. We wish her good luck on her Kanji test, and assure you that the video is totally safe for work as it is shot from the shoulders up.

Something definitely happens when you take off your clothes. For some, it’s a form of release, others a protest. It can be an abandoment of artifice or a return to a state of nature prior to original sin. Yet its a practice fewer Millennials are turning to, writes OmniNerd and others.

Yet a spiritual undercurrent does seem to flow under the discussions of those who do practice nudism, naturalism, or even exhibition.

This nudist instructional/advocational video from the hippy-dippy moment of the 1960s asks, “What better way could there be to obtain a healthy body and a healthy mind at the same time?” [This link is not safe for work and may be inappropriate for minors].

For others, taking clothes off can be a symbol of completion, success and a new life. Consider what happened at Conordia College this past month, when 200 grads took it all off to go skinny dipping [Via Gymnophiliac].

Nudist Day writes about the artistic photography of 18,000 nudes in Zocalo Mexico and a participant’s claim that the event made people euphorically happy: “Velázquez says that participants weren’t just happy, they were euphoric! Everybody was generally very satisfied with the experience and there existed a sense of solidarity. Of course, there were a few exceptions, he said.” [Picture thanks to El Universal Online]

Nudist Day also has a neat interview with naturalist Robin Renee, who has put together a naturalist Kirtan program. It is similar to another program that will go live on June 16, in New Jersey. For those who are unfamiliar with Kirtan, it is the call-and-response chanting of the Holy Names, in this case, in Sanskrit from the Hindu tradition.

But it’s by no means a panacea. Consider what’s going on right now in a high-profile nudist-related case. The mother of Andrew Martinez, a man who spent his days at UC Berkeley naked, has filed a wrongful death suit against the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections, for its inability from preventing her son from committing suicide [Via The East Bay Blog].

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