Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Vacation Time is Good

It’s good to take vacations. They break patterns, and allow you to pull yourself out of pain cycles, and refocus you on savoring every moment.

Nobody knows that better than all-star Danish business man Morten Lund, the venture capitalist behind Skype. He spent two weeks on the Spanish Island of Ibiza taking in sun and playing with his children. Seems as though he got a new sense of purpose, perhaps even an epiphany about his own energy anatomy. He writes on his blog:

“And to the really weird part – I think Im starting to open myself to more alternative thinking – and the whole idea of not only believing in PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE – might have a dimension of ENERGY to it - maybe ? Im not talking about starting to live under the ideas of astrology or believing in Aliens – but maybe there is something about the impact of the energy we are loaded with…”

Then there’s Paris Hilton’s vacation to Club Fed, where she seems to be getting a dose of self-help literature. No word on if it’s sinking in, but she’s in our prayers.

But despite the obvious benefits of taking time off, many workers aren’t getting the vacation they’ve earned, according to a report by David Moberg. And even if they do leave, many don’t unplug, writes Neil Woodburn. And the LA Times reports that 39% of people who do get to a vacation still end up checking their work email while away.

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