Monday, October 23rd 2017

Trekking Along the Camino

We are still enjoying our great adventure, walking and walking and walking on the Camino. The route has become easier as we near Santiago. We have 65 K left to go approximately 41 miles. We´ve had rain the last two days in the afternoon, after we´ve reached our albergue.

Yesterday we stayed at Gonzar where there was little more than a cafe/bar and the pilgrim hostel. Many cows and country smells. We still had a good experience, meeting people from all over , a wood carver from Austria, a medical student from the Czech Republic were especially interesting. People were very considerate at the hostel and that made it special.

Someone has left pictures along the way at the kilometer markers of a weeping Virgin. Otis invariably leaves a stone for us and tells the Virgin not to cry.

The many expressions of people´s faith and good will have been moving and impressive.

We will be going tomorrow to a village famous for its octopus dishes. Will we be brave enough to try the local speciality?

Life is good for two weary, but inspired pilgrims.

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