Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Top 9 Spiritual Resorts: Sycamore Mineral Springs

No. 7

Sycamore Mineral Springs, San Luis Opisbo, CA: A for-profit venue, Sycamore is nonetheless as devoted to wellness in all its forms as the other destinations on this list. It offers everything from Qi Gong to hyphotherapy. It also happens to sit at the northern end of the California “central coast” wine region that the movie Sideways made famous. 

Cost: $165 – 890 per night.

Fine print: Every single room has a patio with a mineral water hot tub!

One of the healing properties of mineral baths, by the way, is that they allow your tissue to open up and absorb magnesium, calcium and other nourishing elements that come from deep within the earth like you would a face cream.

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