Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Top 9 Spiritual Resorts: Breitenbush, Oregon

No. 4

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon: Like Esalen, this is a workshop resort. But unlike Esalen’s coastal perch, Breitenbush sits at the end of a deep, remote gorge in the Cascade Mountains, southwest of Portland, OR. Its cedar sauna is heated by a bubbling hot springs that sits below the building’s floor boards, and three of the resort’s natural spring pools are walled by smooth stones — not the porcelain tubs you get in California’s wine country.

Cost: $46 – 108 per night.

Fine print: The rustic cabins don’t have showers but they are heated, geo-thermally.

This resort is totally off of America’s power grid, and energy independent; it uses its own hydro generators for power.

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