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Laura Hollick explains her spiritual definition of physical beauty

laura“Before I learned how to know who I am from the inside-out, I thought I needed to become a model to be beautiful.”

GUEST COLUMN: LAURA HOLLICK — “People feel ugly when they look at beauty magazines.” 

I heard this saying and I thought it was ironic. . . Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever compared yourself to someone in a magazine and felt like you didn’t measure up, or have you thought, “if I just change these things about myself then I’ll be beautiful”?

I’d like to share a story with you about my quest to understand beauty. . .

When I was 16 I dreamed of being a model. I thought if I was a model, I would feel beautiful. I did the things I thought I should to get what I thought I wanted, which was to be a model. But deep down, what I really wanted was to feel beautiful, because I believed ‘Beauty = Being Loved’.

I went to modelling school and learned how to walk, how to pose . . . and how to do makeup. One day in the middle of a class, while the teacher was cueing us in walking and holding poses, he summoned me to the front of the class. Pointing a finger at me, and dripping with haute disdain, he announced . . .

“This is exactly what you DON’T want if you want to be a model.”

There wasn’t any explanation as to what he meant and the other students didn’t make a peep. You can imagine, I was devastated. I didn’t even understand what he meant and why he needed to single me out like that. I cried about this for days, believing I must be the ugliest thing alive, and if I’m ugly no one will love me!

Now that I reflect on that time, I realize the universe was trying to tell me I was looking for beauty in the wrong place. I was looking outside of myself, I was looking to that teacher to tell me I was beautiful because then I could believe it was true.

Since modelling was ruled out as a career choice, I invested my time and energy into art, dance and creative expression. Then the most ironic thing happened . . .

As I started creating art I started connecting with my spirit. Expressing myself creatively gave me access to the deepest parts within myself, this is where my spirit was living. As I allowed my spirit to move through me, I felt beautiful.

laura in studio

I discovered what real beauty is:


All that time I was looking for someone else to tell me I was beautiful, the real quest was for my spirit. Once you are connected with your spirit your beauty grows from inside of you and it is unstoppable.

Real beauty is being in love with yourself.
Real beauty is about allowing your spirit to be the base of your life.
Real beauty is about being the fullest expression of your authentic self.
Real beauty is looking to yourself as the final authority on how you look.
Real beauty is knowing yourself so deeply and letting others know you too.
Real beauty is exploring the potential of who you can be with courage and love.

Isn’t that funny! I thought I needed to become a model to be beautiful. I thought I needed to be in magazines to beautiful. All I needed was to find my spirit.

laura at beach

Are you looking for your spirit?

Today, spend some time with yourself and listen to how you think and feel inside. This will allow you to connect with your spirit.

Let yourself be real beauty!

Laura is an artist, dancer and writer. Visit her at Laura’s most recent writing for Soul’s Code includes Face yourself as you are . . . with total love.  Photo at top by Melanie Gillis; makeup by Rogin Wright ; hair by Elissa Rubino. Lower photos by Kevin Thom. 

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6 Comments on “Laura Hollick explains her spiritual definition of physical beauty”

  1. Laura thanks for this illuminating article. You are truly beautiful both inside and outside. Your art work is a shining example of what happens when an artist invests her soul into her work. A great example for the rest of us...just showing that in the face of adversity, or in your case, the person of an ignorant, rude teacher, growth and realization can flower.

  2. Laura -- your spirit is shining beauty all around you. In your art, in your dance, in the reflection of the photos of you. I sat here, however many days or years later thinking, "Yeah, that teacher was an idiot. She's beautiful."

    Or as my son would have said, "You're haute."


  3. funny.

    i don't find myself comparing, well...myself to fashion mag models.

    i look instead at the drawings people do of me(model)and at art.

    look at art over the years, even the erotic postcards of the victorian era. how many of them have flesh on their bones??? all...unless portraying sickness and death. Venus Goddess of Beauty always is fleshy, Olympia even though a small frame has a little flesh...Venus de Milo has flesh!!! if you dont like the game ..change the parameters.

  4. i don't feel bad when i look at fashion magazines cause the women are not real! they are always airbrushed! it would be like being jealous of pics in a fairy story cause they are about as near to reality as that!

  5. some people forget that though, so some people MUST feel ugly which is quite sad when u think about it.

  6. We love all of the photography of you, and especially the one of you on the ladder in your studio. Thank you for sharing what you saw in the universe around you, beneath appearances, and please share more. Paul

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