Wednesday, September 20th 2017

Time to answer your personal wake-up call

Put aside your analytical mindset and experience the freedom of living in the moment

BY DANIEL WOO — Life is ever changing. So long as we are driven by attachments — a thirst for something we don’t have — or a thirst to hang on to and not lose something we do have, so long as we substitute concepts and ideas for reality, so long as we try to do the impossible — changing the past or living in the future, nothing is satisfactory.  We live in ignorance.

We build stories around physical pain and create emotional and physical pain from something we do not like or do not have.  We live with dis-ease and in spiritual pain.

We separate ourselves from a capacity to have peace, to access unlimited energy and thereby to transform our energies positively.  In such separation, we may only have a mere glimmer of what is true humanity, of what is true existence.

For those of us who were taught or trained to be highly analytical, intellectual, skeptical or judgmental, we believe that reality is what we think of it, how we label it.  Something we do not comprehend becomes something that does not exist. The truth is that there is more — and all of it is in each present moment — in each breath when we are able to be still.

How to experience true freedom

Freedom heightens our humanity, all of our imperfections and the perfection of being alive with them.  When we experience that freedom, we can choose where we will be creative, how we relate to, instead of reacting to, events, institutions, people and ideas, and how we will experience joy by serving others and ourselves.  We learn about the experiences of joy even in the midst of suffering.

Everyone faces suffering — when caught up in self, we don’t see that existential truth and we unknowingly separate ourselves from a greater peace.

If we treat each and every day as a grim and relentless struggle, if we endure hours and minutes caught up in slights, resentments, fears and worries, if we devote our thoughts going over and over what we should have done differently decades ago, a year ago, last month, last week or five minutes ago or what may happen tomorrow, next week, next month, a year from today or ten years from now — we become absolutely incapable of gratitude, we have no sense of forgiveness and we bind our hearts.

“Quality time” is now

When my sons were young, I neither recognized nor realized for a very long time that “quantity time” is the true value of all relationships — that the very idea of “quality time” is a personal construct that filters out what is there in every moment and that inevitably creates dissatisfaction  By being present, whatever time is there becomes “quality time.”  It is all “quality time” — it’s the only time there is at any moment.

One becomes friendly with life as it is when one begins the process of waking up.

Daniel D. Woo woke up to an understanding that suffering is not ended until view, intention and action are changed.  Dan practices law in Seattle, Washington.  You can reach him via Facebook or Linkedin.

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