Saturday, October 21st 2017

There’s an angel in my inbox . . . she blows kisses

- forwarded by a reader on February 19, 2008:

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Watch the little girl for a minute then

scroll down.


There’s an angel in my inbox
And she came here from a friend

Who typed in my e-mail address
Then clicked on the button ‘Send’

There’s an angel in your inbox
And you got her straight from me;
I knew when I finished reading this,

It was something you should see.

This little angel in your inbox
Does contain a nice surprise;
For when you send her on to friends,
Her message multiplies.

She brings you a note of
Happiness, Health and Song;
And the nicest thing that you can do
Today is to forward her along.

Simply sending her on
Can make you happy as can be;
She should be sent to everyone
Her message is for all to see.

Please send this little angel on,
And have a great day, too;
Just smile and be happy because
This angel was sent to you!