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The Universe as a Mirror: How Are You Reflected?

519p1bvcnnl_sl500_aa240_2A common struggle in all relationships is what psychologists call projection. Here’s how I use nature to identify my projections and heal myself.

BOOK EXCERPT FROM JOHN ENGLISH’S NEW RELEASE THE LITTLE BOOK ON RELATIONSHIP — The universal law of attraction says: Like frequencies attract one another. This law of attraction is always at work in every aspect of our lives. What we are aware of and what we focus on is no exception. The universe is a mirror. Our internal condition is always mirrored back to us by what we create in our lives. This is what comes to us from the universal mirror.

I’m going to give an example of contemplation and the universal mirror.

This story details how I work with the mirrors that make up the animal and plant kingdoms as well as the shadow element that is about denying our own divinity.

One of my favorite times of the year in the Southwest is the monsoon season during the mid to late summer. It is a time of intense storms, including rain, high winds and lightning. Nature is a fascinating mirror. It mirrors beauty, perfect balance, abundance, timing and, of course, death of the old and transformation. It’s difficult to deny that there’s a power greater than ourselves when we stand in awe of nature’s perfection.

Nature at Work

One hot summer afternoon I was sitting on my back porch watching a storm roll in. Spider lightning lit the sky in the distance and was moving closer. This is the type of lightning that never seems to touch the ground. It weaves its way across the sky like a spider’s web. Because this type of lightning never strikes, it reminds me that when there’s true power the need to wield it is redundant.

The sun was still shining in my location, but the storm was only about eight miles away. It was large enough to cover the entire area of desert where I live. I looked at the giant saguaro cacti and recalled how they can drink up to ten gallons of water in a minute. A feeling of anticipation hung in the air, and the giant cacti reminded me of how important it is to recognize and take advantage of an opportunity when it arrives.

The whole time I was watching the storm, a little bird was perched on a limb of a tree in my backyard. I began to watch it, and soon it had my full attention. The storm was now less than two miles away, and the winds began. Sometimes in these storms the winds can become quite destructive. The branch the bird was sitting on began to move in the wind, gently at first, but within minutes, the branch was bobbing up and down and flailing about. The bird continued to hang onto the branch.

Conversing with Nature

So I said,
“Little bird, you had better watch out.”web-r-moon-english-b0036
“Why is that?” the bird responded.
“The wind spirits have arrived, and they’re blowing hard. Are you not afraid that you’ll be blown off your perch?”
There was a short pause in our conversation for a crack of lightning and the winds began to blow with even more ferocity. This little bird just hung on and at this point appeared to be a part of the tree’s branch. Imagine that!
“Why should I be afraid of being blown off my perch?” the bird responded. “If it happens, I can always fly!”

I believe that, as long as I live, I will never forget this moment. It was the moment when a little bird mirrored to me that I have the ability to fly. Since that day, whenever I have been perched somewhere in my life and a storm arrives, as they sometimes do, I remember that each storm brings transformation. Then I remind myself that, like the little bird, I can always fly. The funny thing is this: since I’ve learned to work with relationship and mirrors, I haven’t needed as many storms to blow me off my perch. My intuition has guided me to fly off to new territory before any storms begin. If I become fearful about change, I remember that I can fly or get swept up by the storm. The choice is mine.

The Lesson Learned

The mirrors I no longer needed left my life. The people who were in my life to stay, changed as I changed, without my doing anything other than healing myself. I no longer needed to call forth from them the negative behavior that had lived within me. Today, occasionally, I do call forth this type of mirror. When I do, I do my best to fly in front of the storm.

I continued working with mirrors for several years before the next aspect surrounding relationship showed up. This was a time for extreme gratitude. During this time I learned about the real meaning of power. Through relief and mirrors I began to feel I had discovered the great keys to love, peace, and joy in life that so many strive for. I was ready for the next piece to the puzzle about navigating the great gift of life.

web-r2-english-b0018May you realize that life is a feeling and that you’re an expression of divinity. May you realize that you, personally, are a great gift to this world. My dream for you is for you to know, without a doubt, that none of this would be the same without you.

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