Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Even if their prayers *did* lower the price of gas . . . God help us!

istock_000006407348xsmall.jpgGUEST COLUMN: DAVID RICKEY
It’s common to pray for people’s health, and we’ve even heard of believers petitioning God for everything from rain to the winning touchdown. So when Soul’s Code heard about the group, Pray at the Pump, we weren’t entirely surprised. Freaked out by the super-spike in oil prices, they have staged vigils at gas stations in St. Louis for road relief:

Participants say they plan to buy gas, pray and then sing “We Shall Overcome” with a new verse: “We’ll have lower gas prices.”

Lo and behold, the cost of a barrel of oil has, indeed, declined this week — with the unfortunate side-effect that others might take up this line of prayer. Prayer isn’t so much about  . . . asking God to do something as it is about opening our hearts and minds to communion with divine wisdom and power.

If we were really to pray about the cost of fuel, I imagine wisdom’s response might be more about guiding us to change the way we live and the way we interact with mother earth. Fuel prices partly have to do with greed and excessive demand.

These are spiritual issues.

The changes they call for are not just lowering the price of gas, but a change in consciousness, a change in awareness of our interdependency with all of life and the real source of “energy”.

Oil prices are more the Karmic result of our choices than something “God” is likely to change for us. Should we pray: “Please absolve us from the consequences of our choices?”


I don’t think so.

As for myself, I just returned from a 3,000-mile roadtrip through vistas like you see on the right. First, I had the car serviced, then properly inflated the tires; I drove at 55 mph instead of 65, coasted down the big hills — and managed to get between 36 and 41 mpg on my 2003 Ford ZX3.

And, yes, I also statistically had a much more relaxed ride :)

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2 Comments on “Even if their prayers *did* lower the price of gas . . . God help us!”

  1. maybe instead of driving you should have ridden a bike :)

    just teasing!

  2. That photo is epic. It shoulda been the book cover for "on The Road" or an E. Annie Proulx novel.

    AS for oil, I can't get over the relationship that Americans have with gas prices. There were screaming, banner headlines in 2004 when WTC crossed $35/barrel. With oil now more than 4-times that "shocking" threshold, the mass media has to chase, or cascade, its own hyperbole.

    I always believed the super-spike forecast in 2005 for oil:

    As you see, it was widely ridiculed.

    Thank you for letting me register my steam-of-consciousness comments :)

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