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The Soul’s Code Promise: It’s not too late make a sustainable New Year’s resolution

Take the Soul’s Code Promise with us and make a commitment to help others in 2010

noresolutionsshirt1Every year most of us make New Year’s resolutions that are based on a lifestyle change — you know, the usual suspects like losing weight, stopping smoking, working out more, and drinking less, or not at all.  A $11 billion self-help industry exists in the U.S. for a reason; we all have aspects of our lives that we think could be improved.

At Soul’s Code we recognize that working towards a healthy lifestyle is a positive goal to have at any time of the year.  But along with having personal goals, we are called to step outside of our own physical “bubble” this year.  During 2010 the Soul’s Code team has vowed to embrace a new path.  So in a way our resolution is to not make a resolution. :)

Instead, we have each decided to commit acts or deeds of compassion that will help others. . . and we are doing this by taking the Soul’s Code Promise.  Unlike most New Year’s Resolutions which have about a 12% success rate, we aim for a 100% success rate.

We encourage you to make a Soul’s Code Promise to help others this year, and let us know (in the comment box below) what your goal is.  Keep in mind that these acts or deeds can be seemingly small in nature, you can decide to give a street person your spare change once a week, volunteer, or count to ten before dealing with a “button pusher” in your life — you get the picture.

If you want to be reminded of your promise in the coming months please sign up for our wire and we’ll make sure that you periodically receive a gentle reminder.  Good luck with your promise, and in 2010!

Soul’s Code Team promises, promises and more promises!

I have a plethora of resolutions this year, with many falling in the “typical” pile.  But at the top of my list is doing a good deed every single day, whether it’s simply giving a stranger a compliment or providing food to the bevy of homeless who stroll along 7th Street in downtown Austin. — Susanna Hamner

helping-handsThis year I will commit myself to helping the poor and homeless in my city, particularly volunteering my time and finances to feeding the hungry.  I find one action produces others, hence I will need to commit myself to a more careful stewardship of my time and money.  I find this expression of compassion as not only giving something of myself to the poor and their receiving something from me, but also in my sharing in their poverty, a physical and emotional empathy. — Kohl Glau

I have a few promises!  I will share more of my time with people near death who are living at a local long term care facility.  I will uncover and embrace the divine spark, and beauty in all people I encounter. — Cyndi Ingle

I promise to express compassion by taking quality time to speak with those who are begging on my street in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. I will seek to offer them real ways of finding the help that they need. — David Rickey

My promise: to open to really seeing others, allow them to be as they are in their own ways and in their own time, and compassionately accept them exactly as they are.  To give unselfishly of myself, understanding that my full and undivided attention is one of the most generous gifts I can give to others.  And to love undefendedly, in all areas of my life, approaching all situations with an open heart and an open mind. — Stacia Topping

I will yield at intersections, be a courteous driver, and share the road with bicyclists.  Secondly, I will donate old clothes instead of throwing them away, and lastly I will call a different friend every day.  Happy New Year’s!  — Jane Nguyen

Please add your Soul’s Code Promise in the comment box below!  Thanks!

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9 Comments on “The Soul’s Code Promise: It’s not too late make a sustainable New Year’s resolution”

  1. This year, I promise to do everything I can to help others to shine and to find magick in their lives and the world around. And I promise to learn how to make people laugh more and to teach them to make others laugh more too.
    Love and Light

  2. I promise to do what I can, on a daily basis, to be a decent human being. I promise to keep my sense of humour, and to not impose my own hang-ups on those around me. Finally, I promise to keep in mind that life can be lived a million different ways, and that I should celebrate its variety. Health, happiness and laughter to all in 2010!

  3. I feel a deep resonance with your thoughts on resolutions- here is the mine:

    "On this day of resolutions, I gather all of my strength for turning inward to remember, find and live from my original Gold, Light, Divinity. I resolve to remember the original Perfection of all beings- tiny and large, wrapped in baby blankets or dressed in power suits, friend or foe, you and me."
    From my blog post titled, "Digging for Gold:

  4. My resolution is to relish the process of life. To flow with the river, rather than push the river. I allow myself to continue to trust life and know that a balance exists even when I don't see it. I move away from my judgments, and into a position of appreciation.

    My personal goal is to spread hope, and to remind others of the simple truths of life. That each and every one of us matter. That it is not the quantity but the qualitiy of our contributions that make the most profound impact. That we are fortunate to be alive on the planet at this time in history. We chose, and we were chosen to be here.

    We're powerful beyond our recognition in the moment. Only what we need to work on shows up on the planet. The magnificence of us can't even been squeezed into this finite dimension.

    Trust, allow and enjoy and let's rock in 2010!

    Love and light,


  5. I have been pondering this puzzle for quite a while. I am at a loss as to what to do.. I do however promise to work on being a voice where there may not always be one and to work harder at Leading and not following.. I also endeavor to work at getting my project of Live Bravely doing more than it has since inception. And to work at designing and implementing plans to move forward, and not in standstill positions for very long.

    May you all prosper richly in grace and love this year!

    Michael Lardie

  6. I resolve to BE
    Consciously Aware of the ME, I LOVE mySELF to BE
    to Receive Openly for my HIGHest HAPPIness
    to BE, the ME, I LOVE mySELF to BE,
    and thus BEnefit
    ALL of WE

    In Lak'ech
    I AM

    Blessedly BE
    Radiate Soul Light
    Radiate SELF LOVE


  8. I promise to be kind to all humans(young and old) to always have a kind thought and a gentle word. To allow them to go before me in a playground or during rush hour bumper to bumper. To give a gentle hand,and a warm smile. Always sending kind and loving thoughts, words or deed.

  9. I recognize, and am inspired, by the intentions, cathexions and commitments I've read in this online scroll. When I lived doors from Washington Square Park, a couple of times a week or more I would give food, cash, clothes and blankets to people who had made park benches their home.

    This is not a note of self-congratulations but acknowledgement of the love and selflessness I've experienced in this thread.

    My own 2010 commitment is to make this virtual home a highly-interactive property that will pool intentions like those you've expressed, and spread them to a wider pool of people.

    My other commitment is to integrate, deeply, the penetrating life stories and lessons that are on this page, courtesy of the practitioners, authors and teachers who populate this community. con gratitud

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