Monday, September 25th 2017

How To Look Good Naked: My private reality show



Have you heard of the Lifetime network reality series, How to Look Good Naked?

It’s hosted by Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and takes women through a kind of 12-step program on how to fall in love with their bodies.

Two years ago, long before this series ever hit the airwaves, I embarked on my own How to Look Good Naked odyssey. In my case: I set a specific benchmark and goal. By the summer of 2008, I contracted with myself, I’d pose for a nude photo shoot as a symbolic gesture to mark my celebration of loving my body.

So, for two years, I studied nutrition and started feeding my body foods that would honor it. I spent hours re-framing my thinking so that I could truly feel love for my body from the inside out. I did some laser hair removal (yes it is true, I did!). I went to Boot camp for getting in shape. You name it, I think I’ve done it.

Now, here we are in the summer of 2008, and guess what? My nude photo shoot is this Friday!

And you’ll never believe this . . . I magically manifested a poison-ivy like rash on my legs!

At first I thought, this is a MISTAKE, a BIG MISTAKE!

I’d been preparing to step into this grander version of myself. I’d been doing everything I could think of to fully embody the vision I had for myself. And I don’t remember this rash being part of my vision.

I labeled this situation as ‘a mistake’ because it seemed wrong.

As I was thinking about it, long and hard, wondering if I should cancel the photo shoot and reschedule it for when the rash heals, I started laughing, almost hysterically!

Because suddenly I got the perfection of the situation.

I had been preparing myself to love my body and celebrate being myself, and here I am with a rash on my legs. I suddenly realized in order to fully step into myself, I have to step into who I am now and embody it completely, without trying to change it or think it should be different.

This is the perfect celebration of myself. This is exactly what I had been preparing for. I just didn’t know it would look like this.

When you truly expand into the evolved version of yourself, there are new ways of perceiving things. That “incorrect idea, and error in judgment” takes on a whole new experience when you truly grow.

My two years of preparation really did pay off, because I am now stepping into the celebration of who I am, as I am.

This is the perfect mistake.

Think of a situation in your life that you have labeled as a ‘mistake’, and find the diamond in the situation. It is there, I promise you!

As you are growing and evolving on your journey to becoming the fullest possible version of yourself, know that you are loved for exactly who you are — and everything that happens in your life has perfection. You just have to find the diamond.

If you’ve got a perfect mistake, I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email at or add a comment below.

Laura is an Ontario, Canada-based artist, dancer and writer. Visit her at

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  1. Isn't it wonderful that the universe always tries to give us exactly what we really ask for. You wanted to fall in love with your body, not the ideal body you might have wished you had. And then you set out, not to become a vision of what the world sees as beautiful, but what was truly you. I liked that you said you ate foods that honored your body, not foods that made you look "anything". The Ivy rash was a delightful joke, testing if you really meant what you said. And you did! Congratulations.

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