Tuesday, October 17th 2017

The pause that refreshes your soul

Egypt lover Kerrie Guy knows: messages from the Divine come via the spaces that surround us

My body is tired

My mind is overloaded

It’s time to stop and rest

To allow myself to be decoded

For in the still quiet time alone that I spend

The Divine to me guiding messages does send

And as I listen to this unfailing gifted guidance

My mind and body rejuvenate in hallowed silence

By the Grace of God and all that is eternally good

I will do my best to understand these messages as I should

Tomorrow as I walk refreshed in the light of a new day

Greater clarity will I have of why life played out as it did today

There are no mistakes in the experiences of living life in our human form

There are merely opportunities for the self to fufill the destiny for which it was born!

Poem and photo by Kerrie Guy

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2 Comments on “The pause that refreshes your soul”

  1. Hello Kerrie
    Beautiful site, and inspiring.
    No such thing as coincidence. Someone was guided to send me to your site. I've been told by many I had a life in Ancient Egypt. I did a regression on one with the intent of going back to the time we were together there. It was pretty emotional.
    Now am being told I have to go in the New Year. Like you I've no inclination, but who knows.
    Can you tell me what you found there? I've been told I have an ankh in me that needs activation. Is your experience similar?
    Oddly enough one of the people in that Workshop just "happened" to have an ankh with her that she didn't want.
    Kindest Regards

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for this great comment.
    I totally agree that there are no coincidences in life.
    A Divine Plan is in play for all of us which we tap into- or not- through our degree of allowing.
    Nancy I love your analysis of having an ankh inside of you that needs activation!
    I'd never quite had those exact thoughts but that sums up my Egypt experience beautifully.
    Yes here My Inner Ankh has been Fully Activated and so many of my life questions have been answered through which my life guidance becomes clearer and clearer and my fulfillment in life becomes more and more.
    By the way...
    I am hosting an EGYPTIAN SPIRIT TOUR offering Egypt through my perception and feelings beginning January 11th 2011.
    I chose this date as I see it as yet another significant portal of love.
    Salam Nancy
    From My Heart

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