Monday, September 25th 2017

The New Female Mystics: Run Silent, Run Deep

While Byron Katie has tried to codify her Work, her approach is still very much a common touchstone for the teachings of the new, self-styled prophets. She uses thought to disarm itself through a sequence of deceptively simple questions. Other approaches tend to elude language.

Pamela Wilson (posing at left beside a picture of Ramana Maharshi, perhaps the greatest mystic in history) un-plugs people from the stories they tell about themselves by walking them through a series of shifts in somatic awareness. She asks them to identify recurring situations or feelings where they feel stuck, and then focus on the bodily sensations they trigger. When they are allowed to arise, and understood as tactile echoes of past events, they can be metabolized.

The process works kind of like a primordial mind-body algorithm. “There’s no lack of brilliance in the design of either the body or the way it lets go,” says Wilson. “The system of release is strange, almost reptilian.”

“What you’re doing is helping the body let go of the past,” continues Wilson. “One of the ways the body creates release is by recreating something from the past in order to pull it our of the earth of the body. Otherwise, it stays deep.”

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