Monday, September 25th 2017

The New Female Mystics: No Logo

This ‘Anti-Me’ generation of teachers also resists branding particular counter-measures for the likes of anxiety, addictions, adultery and affairs.

“I’m reluctant to specify a goal or repetitive motion using some technique,” says Ingram. “I see people identifying as the doer — ‘I sat for two hours without moving,’ ‘I’ve completed forty-five retreats,’ — proudly waving the banner of spiritual achievement as if that had anything to do with freedom. These thoughts and concepts all cluster around one central belief—the belief in ‘me.’ This is the ridgepole for their entire illusory house of pain.

That’s the difference between the new female mystics and, say, Deepak Chopra.

He goes on Oprah and tells people to meditate each morning. Instead, these women would say: “First thing we do — Let’s get rid of that word.”

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