Friday, September 22nd 2017

LOVE SCROLL: The Best Thing

What’s the best thing anybody has ever told you about yourself?

BY ANONYMOUS — I’ll start it off with a letter I got from my girlfriend today:

“Darling, I want to thank you for something: to thank you for being with me. Because if I would have never met you, I would never do a third of what I have done. You are my biggest inspiration and motivation. You are my star and I love you so much.”

Sometimes somebody tells you something like that and it fills you with joy. Those special words can turn your day or your life around. It can be the perfect antidote to the Pain Body Index, a mantra of worth and wellness. Try it out. Just typing it will make you feel better, guaranteed.

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10 Comments on “LOVE SCROLL: The Best Thing”

  1. One of my students said I changed his life for the better by helping him understand the value of literature. It's flattering to think he will enjoy books for the rest of his life because I reached out to him.

  2. A friend of mine has been freaking out recently about her life. One of her long-running love affairs proposed to her, then, days later, slept with another woman. One of her friends got angry at her and said she didn't want to be friends with her ever again. It's been a rough week by any measure.

    She turned to me to get advice. I used to love giving advice, it's an ego-boosting experience to be consulted for guidance on somebody else's life.

    But after I advised a coworker on an immigration issue that backfired and resulted in several thousand dollars of expenses and a big dent in her career, I've been reluctant to advise anyone.

    When my friend came to me for advice, I refused to offer any easy answers. I tried to listen to her instead. I asked questions about how she felt instead of talking myself.

    We've been friends for three years now and she said this to me today: "I like what you have turned into."

    It was an amazing thing to hear.

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