Friday, October 20th 2017

The angel in you

Angel essence is everywhere if you have eyes to see and a heart to feel

I may just appear as a single Angel heart

But my essence with all life is an inherent part

I am but one simple petal as part of a whole beautiful rose

Many other life formations does my Angel essence also clothe

Never for one second think from Angel essence you are apart

For Angel essence resides in each and every single living heart

(Poem by Kerrie Guy, Photo by Cyndi Ingle)

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4 Comments on “The angel in you”

  1. Thanks for posting this poem and photo. The words mesh wonderfully with the photo.

  2. My angels have saved me from several potentially disastrous events. I felt their touch that guided me. They are a blessing and a reminder of that which will always be greater than myself.

  3. Lovely words and a lovely photo.

  4. The Dimension above, around and under us is tremendous. Each drop that we can swallow of it rise our vibration and spirit and we could feel the unlimited "Love"!!!
    As you said Terry, My Angel also has save me from a lot of "potential wrong decision" and together we have good laugh sometimes because they are full of Humour...

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