Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Surviving New Year’s Eve!…by going with the flow

Try releasing your “control issues” to make New Year’s Eve more enjoyable

newyearstress1GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — Often, when our lives are running smoothly, and seemingly at the will of our command, without warning we are surprised when a person or an event throws our life into chaos or anger. Our choice in that moment is to resist, or to let go. 

We need to remember that we can refuse to allow an external circumstance to diminish our peaceful space. These are wonderful opportunities we create with the universe to deepen our compassion and to grow.

Holidays always heighten sensitivity and emotions for everyone.

Many opportunities will appear for each of us to let go of our perceived sense of control.

With gatherings scheduled, with many family and friends, prepare yourself for events to take on a life of their own. Even when we are the planner of the function, it’s important to remember that each individual attending the function also puts their energy into the event on some level. To deny that energy asks for conflict.

cheersIn your vision, make sure you allow room for the visions of others, seen and unseen, spoken or unspoken. It’s similar to putting a couple extra settings on the table for the guests who show up uninvited. Make sure you leave room in your energy for the unexpected, the unappreciative, the greedy, and the insensitive.

During the holidays, most people have a preconceived idea of how they want their holiday to look and feel. The key to a successful holiday, especially for the planners of the gathering, is to let go and bend their vision of the holidays, to allow room for the vision and energy of others. Compromise and cooperation will win the day and release the stress.

In the words of William Dyer. . .”when given the choice to be right or kind, be kind”. . .these words will never hold more power for you than during the holidays. Be kind with joy, not resentment.

So when our desire to control jumps to the surface, and details run awry due to outside circumstances, take a deep breath, smile, and allow yourself to expand into a consciousness greater than yourself.  Go with the flow. A hot bath will help too! Kindness also extends to being kind to yourself.

phyllisPhyllis King is a psychic, author and spiritual teacher.  Her previous articles for Soul’s Code include, Is what you preceive, what you receive? and Do you judge yourself for wimping out?   Listen to Phyllis on L.A’s KTLK-AM 1150 every Sunday from 12:00 pm. - 1:00 pm. PST.

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  1. Beautifully put! We do need to think about the energy others bring to our interactions. It's not always us having to be in control. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Happy New Year's to all in the Soul Code Nation!

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