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How Reiki brought revelations and connected me to my spirit guides

After surviving thyroid cancer, Reiki revealed a deeper dimension to my life

light-and-hands2small1ANONYMOUS — Throughout my life, I’ve received many messages from the Spirit World and, as a child, had a spontaneous out-of-body experience. But there is one specific spiritual event in my adulthood that has profoundly changed my life.

Many years ago, I had cancer, which started in my thyroid and quickly spread to my esophagus and vocal cords. I had two surgeries and nine months of radiation, followed by another year of recovery for me to regain my full strength.

To this day, I have a scar across my throat that looks like a smile. But I  have grown to love that scar because, to me, it represents life.

Heal thyself? Sometimes you need help

Prior to my first surgery, my friend Lesley, a certified Reiki master from England, offered to give me a session.  As she played a calming, New Age recording , I lay flat on my living room floor, barefoot, in shorts and a T-shirt.  A Reiki session usually begins with hands-on contact, either on one’s shoulders or head, to make an energy connection. The rest is mostly hands-off, to move and balance the chi (ki) energy.

Every time Lesley touched my temples to begin our healing session, I giggled. We’d stop and try again. This happened numerous times to the point where Lesley and I were laughing so hard that we both had tears streaming down our cheeks. I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t know if it was nervous energy, but I kept laughing my fool head off, making Lesley laugh as well.  We decided to try one final time. If I giggled again, we’d have to end the session, as it obviously wasn’t going to work out.

car-tireI closed my eyes and settled into a relaxed state, as Lesley put her hands on my head. At that moment, in my mind’s eye, I saw a girl get struck by a car. I could see her little body laying on the road where she died instantly. She was an adorable blond-haired, blue-eyed, five-year-old wearing a summer dress.  I did not recognize her from any time or place in my life.

Or should I say, “this life?”

The shock immediately stopped me from giggling and took me on the journey I needed to take. . .

The mystery of the “child spirit”

out-of-body-experience-1I left my body in Vancouver, and my soul traveled 3,000 miles to my hometown in Southern Ontario. I saw the little girl’s parents standing on the sidewalk holding each other and crying. Behind them, I could see one of the houses my family had lived in when I was growing up. It was a house of desolation, drinking, depression, divorce, and death a place that holds few good memories for me; a place I’d rather forget. I don’t know if the little girl had lived in that house, or if she just died in front of it, but my connection to this little child spirit was undeniably that house on London Street.

The next thing I knew, the little girl took me by the hand and began walking me through different stages of my life. She took me to a red brick house in the neighborhood where I could see the silhouette of a man in a window with bars on it. I knew the little girl was showing me that nobody else was being hurt by that troubled man.

Then, we were back in Vancouver. I could see myself laying on my living room floor with Lesley doing energy work around my body. The little girl took my hand again and we went to the beach, which is one of my favorite places. I saw us doing cartwheels down the street and could feel my ponytail brushing against the sidewalk.

We walked barefoot in the sand to the Pacific Ocean shoreline. I walked into the ocean with the little girl beside me. As we did, I noticed that she was walking on the water. There were surface splashes from her little feet while I was knee-deep in the sea.

Every once in a while, I would see flashes of Lesley with me back in my apartment. I think that was my “silver umbilical cord” preventing my soul from straying too far away from my body.

blue_globe_-_oceanBack at the beach, the little girl and I sat on a driftwood log. I felt such peace. Time stood still. But suddenly, the little girl started to cry. Not the ethereal tears of a child spirit, but the real tears of an earth child. Yet, through her tears I sensed a strength and wisdom beyond her years. And I felt a deep connection with her.

My heart ached. I asked her, “Why are you crying? What’s wrong?”

She simply said, “I can’t play with you anymore. I have to go now.”  We looked at each other, and then I knew.

I said, “I’m going to get well, aren’t I?”  The little girl nodded “yes,” and then disappeared.

When I returned to my body on the living room floor and Lesley finished my session, she said to me with fascination, “Where did you go? I felt you leave. You were so far away!”

I told Lesley the story, which moved us both to tears. At the same time, we were elated by this beautiful gift we had just shared.

I spent years trying to understand who this little girl was and why she came to me.

About five or six years ago, I was in my bathroom getting ready for work. When I’m doing anything routine or ritualistic, like dishes, showering, housework, that’s usually when I receive messages from Spirit.

A spirit guide reveals the mystery

reikifaceAs clear as a sweet angel’s voice, I could hear my spirit guide, Tanerra, say to me, “You’ve been asking who that little girl is. You want to know who she is, don’t you?”

I telepathically responded, “yes.”

Tanerra then told me that the little girl, the child spirit, is named Cindy. She will come to me whenever I’m in danger, seriously ill, or dying. Cindy’s role in my life is to escort me to the Other Side when it’s my time to return to the spirit world.

I felt tremendous serenity. . . but I hope it will be many years before I see Cindy again.

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9 Comments on “How Reiki brought revelations and connected me to my spirit guides”

  1. Something so beautifully profound as this can change a person's life forever....

  2. This was beautiful and touching. Thank you for publishing it!

    Big Love, Dawn

  3. What a lovely story and so comforting even to those such as myself who do not fear death. No matter what our beliefs it is good to hear about those who will assist us in our transition. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this moving story with us! I agree with Allannah that these kinds of stories can change the lives of not only those that experience them, but also those that hear them. I've learned some about OBEs through The Monroe Institute and the research and experience of Robert Monroe and his books, particularly Journey's Out of Body. Thank you again for sharing your story with us!

  5. That was an amazing spirit journey, and to even get a name of the child, Cindy, was astounding. Beautiful!

  6. This writing has so much gravity and grounding. Thank you for holding we readers by the hand, and taking the time and attention to cue your story, and showing us your incredible path.

  7. Thanks for this amazing story!

    The mention of the "silver cord" and the link to a description helped to solve a personal mystery. When I was a young child I had to undergo some minor surgery. While unconscious I could picture myself hanging from a long cord that appeared from the sky and was swaying back and forth. I was at the bottom of the cord swinging back and forth, and somehow knew that if I let go of the cord, I would die. Just as my hands started to slip...I woke up :)

  8. Dear Anonymous; Where can we find Lesley? I can imagine that many of our readers would love to have the same experience. Paul

  9. Amazing story. I felt touched in a similar way through my own experiences with Thyroid Cancer. Not as prolific but non the less extraordinary in that I now have realized and begun to listen to that still small voice inside of me.
    Love I wish to shower you. Thank you for sharing your story.

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