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“Gut feelings” guide us to our Soul’s Code

Sandy Andrew learned three steps for trusting his intuition, and it changed his life.  Here’s how trusting your “gut” can change yours.

intuition3GUEST COLUMN: SANDY ANDREW — Have you ever had those moments when gentle thoughts or ideas enter your mind in a peaceful way that ultimately helps you find solutions to difficult problems at work or home?

You may not be able to explain these moments of “gut feelings” or “intuition” that lead to solutions to tasks and goals in your life … but you know these thoughts happen.

Do you inwardly know when something is right and when it is wrong, without consulting another person, nor even researching the subject from memory or another source?

This is intuition at work.

How trusting intuition worked for me

usaEver since I can recall, I’ve known I was destined to live in the USA … provided I followed my intuition to obtain legal work status with the Immigration & Naturalisation Service.

Little did I know it would take many years of studying and working outside the UK prior to even setting foot in the USA. The journey was demanding, but the end result was what my own intuition was guiding me to the dream of living in the USA.

How else could I have gained legal entry into the USA without following my gut sense? Talk about banging your head against the wall!

I knew I would need academic qualifications to compliment my trade credentials, so I embarked on studying Business Studies. The decision to do so was actually more geared to my (at the time) current work situation rather than the deeper and distant goal of living in the USA.   Yet on a unconscious and intuitive level, I was planning for the future.

I believe the INS viewed my trade credentials, business diploma, and national awards as the equivalent of a US four year degree, and this is why they granted me access via an H1-B visa.

Following my intuition led me to a very rewarding career and a very fulfilling, peaceful, and loving marriage. I always knew I was destined to be with a certain special person. This might explain my lack of enthusiasm for long term relationships when I was younger!

Call it want you want, but the end result is what I inwardly knew I followed my intuition and it led me to Erika.  And it has worked out wonderfully, as I am now graced with the companionship of a loving, kind, and beautiful woman.

Why do we need intuition?

ship_stormIntuition can also be viewed as a kind of inner compass. Without this we would wander aimlessly through life, bouncing from one unfulfilling and incomplete task to another.

Tasks and goals which are practically the purpose of life would be difficult to achieve. We would be like millions of tiny ships sailing the world’s oceans trying to navigate to our destination port, but sailing without a compass and achieving very little along the way.

We need our inner awareness and intuition to find the life path that is meant for us, so that we can achieve the wonderful goals that life on Earth can offer us.

How to access and use intuition

1. Understand that intuition is the same as your “gut feelings” or the prompting of your soul’s code.

2. Do not give in to making hasty decisions when you find yourself embroiled in fear, hate, and anger, as these are negative emotions.   However, realise that you are allowed to feel and experience these emotions; we are all just human beings. Just don’t let them “run” you.

intuition2Once I allowed a work situation with a coworker to bother me so much on a personal level that I made a serious personal move which cost me very dearly in a financial sense. By reflecting on the situation I realised this person meant no harm and was not even a “bad” person it was just his character to be this way. But I made a decision based of frustration and anger, and learned the lesson very clearly.

Negative emotions are not intuition calm yourself down and focus your thoughts on the truth, on logic, and peace. How is this achieved? The fundamental answer is very clear meditation.

Through mediation you will open your awareness to the universe. Through this you will understand more without even thinking. You will also act in a calmer state of mind. The evidence is in the practice. Try mediating and see for yourself.

3. Keep focusing your mind on truth, logic, and peace, and you will find that the intuitive answers you seek will come to light. Don’t think “If I do it once, it is ‘game over’ and I win” wrong!

Keep your awareness on truth, logic, and peace; your intuition and all things positive will flow to you in many ways. Sometimes they will be clear for you in your daily thinking, and other times they come to your thoughts from a different angle or perspective that you were not aware of.

This may show you a different path for you to reach your goal. You will know when it is intuition at work, because you will sense inner peace while motivated into action. Use your own intuition to find the fulfillment and harmony that you seek in your life.

The best thing about intuition is that it will always be universally and unconditionally free to you it is all yours and it will never cost you a dime!

sandySandy Andrew is the radio show host and author of the Universal Learning Series.  Born in Scotland, Sandy currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife and daughter. Visit him at Universal Learning Series.

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6 Comments on ““Gut feelings” guide us to our Soul’s Code”

  1. Sandy, great ariticle ....I will go to your website and check it out.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Tom and Victoria Schutte

  2. Sandy: Thanks 4 sharing ur wonderful article w/ all of us:))

    I've been experiencing nothing but wonderful and meaningful experiences too through trusting my "gut" even more and it has taught me well:))

    Wishing U more success and happiness for more 2 come:>

    Always with lots of Love, Light,+ Blessings

  3. I always follow my intuitive feelings now. When I have not, I always got lessons on how important it was to listen to my intuition. I think it is my strongest sense. I mean I "feel" it is my strongest sense. Thank you for this article. Julia

  4. "Gut feelings." Great phrase. It's so grounded. It was a trope that George Bush went by his 'gut', as in when he looked into Putin's eyes, and saw . . . whatever. Any of the mystics and teachers on this site would energetically 'see' the divine in a Putin.

    But this reflection points to a nice place. Thank you, Sandy.

  5. Thank you, Sandy. Yes, meditation is key here. For in quieting the mind we can tune into the deeper voice of inner wisdom, but also by observing the mind from that deeper place of conscious awareness, we can come to know the way our minds (especially our Ego) can trick us, when what seems like a voice of wisdom is actually the voice of fear, anger or more subtly, personal ambition. To know ourselves more fully is to be able to make those discriminating choices, and this only comes through practice.

  6. Sandy,

    Thanks for an excellently written article! Your writing touches home on a lot of things that took me a very long time to comprehend and I am amazed at the effort which you have brought these ideals and understandings to light. This article is fantastic for anyone that is looking for a greater understanding and awareness of their instinct and soul.

    I thought I'd ask about your wording in the following sentance:

    "you are allowed to feel and experience these emotions; we are all just human beings. Just don’t let them “run” you."

    I completely agree with this, but wondered about your use of the words "just human beings". Doesn't it seem contradictory to the nature of your article to limit us to simply just being human beings, rather than a greater soul entity which exists in far more than simply a physical environment?

    Thanks so much for your writing! Truly valuable!

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