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Spiritual Surf: Scientology in the hot seat (again), Smithsonian’s spiritual journey through Big Sur, Ali Akbar Kahn, and Madoff’s soul stealing

scientologyScientology leader accused of slapping subordinates

David Miscavige, Church of Scientology chairman, has been accused of  hitting staff members on several occasions. Said one alleged witness, “It was random and whimsical. It could be the look on your face. Or not answering a question quickly. But it always was a punishment.” Soul’s Code finds this a curious use of the word “whimsical,” but hopes that such whimsy, if true, will come to an end, soon. It can only contribute to our collective pain body.

From Father Junipero Serra to Esalen Institute: The Smithsonian does a spiritual Big Sur travelogue

The May, 2009 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine, which is kind of like the National Geographic for science geeks, has the best-ever narrative about the spiritual and literary lineage of California’s fabled Big Sur coastline, perhaps the most mystical place on the planet.


The piece draws a direct line from Father Junípero Serra who, the Smithsonian says, “set about enslaving and converting the coastal tribes who lived close by,” to the cradle of the consciousness movement, The Esalen Institute.”

Ali Akbar Kahn

Along with his sometime partner, Ravi Shankar, sarod player Ali Akbar Kahn – who moved from India to Marin County, Calif. in the 1960s – helped popularize Indian music for general western audiences over the last 40 years. In 1967, he founded the Ali Akbar College of Music in Berkeley, Calif. and went on to perform traditional North Indian music and inspire fans throughout the West. He passed to the other side June 19, 2009. Safe passage to him.

Madoff makes off with souls as well as money

Writing in the Pacific Sun, a Marin County, Calif. newspaper journalist Ronnie Cohen talked to motivational speaker, Matt Weinstein, who led a support group of victims of Bernie Madoff’s alleged ponzi scheme. Weinstein was shocked that, when asked the question, “Would you do it the same way again?” at least two ripped-off support group members said that they would.  “The acceleration in their spiritual growth and how awake and alive they were feeling at the moment — no amount of money can buy you that,” Weinstein told Cohen. “And these are people who were millionaires the week before.”

(Scientology image by HKmPUA; Esalen image by buddhawarrior, via Flickr, CC 2.0)

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