Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Nude yoga; Gay Mormons; Buddhist retreat;There be dragons

Nude yoga a no-no; Why we don’t trust religious leaders; Controversy hits the world of ice cream

Asanas in the buff: Hindu leaders want Playboy to discontinue its nude yoga DVD.

No ‘cure’ for LGBT: Hotline has received calls from thousands of young Mormons terrified of coming out.

Sin and bear it: Epic film ‘There Be Dragons’ explores the monster and the saint in all of us.

Sneak peak at Buddhist retreat: A journalist samples silence, mosquitoes and enlightenment at Temple Stay Korea.

Collar lacks credibility: A survey by Scientific American says people trust religious leaders less than they trust politicians.

Double scoop: Ice cream company ordered to cease gay priest and pregnant nun ads.

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2 Comments on “Spiritual Surf: Nude yoga; Gay Mormons; Buddhist retreat;There be dragons”

  1. No offense but, I don't think that the "no cure for LGBT" exists.
    I still believe there is. :)

  2. Really? I do agree with that.
    Maybe the news is applicable to Mormons only. :)
    No offense there..

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