Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Vatican Realty, Clowns in Space, Kabbalistic Revival, BibleSticks, Obama & Gay Rights

Vatican City: For Sale?

In a recently posted video comedian Sarah Silverman proposed a solution to world hunger: the Pope could sell Vatican City and give the profits to the less fortunate.  Silverman’s idea echoes Morris West’s fictional Ukranian Pope in Shoes of the Fisherman (1963), who had an uncanny Eastern European resemblance to a later pope, John Paul II, whose election to the papacy occured 31 years ago this week (October 16, 1978).

No Clowning Around With Mother Earth

If, in Kierkegaard’s parable, a theater clown’s warning of a backstage fire was met with laughs by the audience, then maybe a clown’s warning is better delivered from space.  Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque de Soleil, will be the first clown in space to proclaim a heavenly warning to a planet in peril.  The message: preserve water resources on Earth.  Like a sacred Hopi clown yelling from a pueblo rooftop, Mr. Laliberte has made his ecological message known.

Kabbalists Unite!

tensephiroth2The North American Kabbalah Congress in Buffalo, NY, is fast approaching, a weekend filled with workshops for building “a society governed by love and friendship.”   With the enthusiasm of a early eighteenth century revival, the congress continues the historical east coast trend of the “Burned Over District” and the Second Great Awakening; it is yet to be seen if the congress will continue this revivalist tradition with utopian aspirations, seances, or visits from angels.


biblestickfcbh07-02-091Portable sacred scriptures for soldiers is nothing new, ranging from miniature pocket Bibles to Turkish Mauser rifles inscribed with Quranic verses.  Again, text meets technology with “BibleSticks“, portable audio Bibles in a “stick” for distribution to U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.

Obama: Do Ask, Do Tell

Sticking with the military, Noble Peace Prize recipient President Obama vows, on the eve of a gay-rights march in Washington, to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning openly gay individuals from the military.  If President Obama is expected to bring peace among nations, can he accomplish the same in the military?

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