Friday, September 22nd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Crossing spiritual boundaries; Monkey man Marc Hauser; Yoga heathen?

Spiritual leaders behaving badly; teen’s body mod “religion”; enlightenment prepares us for the final exit

Buddhist Bedfellows: Why so many Western worshippers shack up with their spiritual sages.

Monkey Man’s Mess: Academics are licking their wounds after the scientific misconduct of Professor Marc Hauser, who told the world that monkeys have human language potential.

Blasphemers’ Bend? Christians who practice yoga are doing what was once associated with non-biblical, even heathen spirituality.

Getting there: Spiritual freedom is only the destination.

Made Whole by a Hole: A North Carolina high school doesn’t buy a teen’s claim that her nose ring is in keeping with her body modification religion.

Walking Life’s Plank: Jeremy Sherman on how enlightenment prepares us for the lights going out.

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One Comment on “Spiritual Surf: Crossing spiritual boundaries; Monkey man Marc Hauser; Yoga heathen?”

  1. Realized men & women are rare. We are quick to follow men & women with unripe, immature egos as leaders. While they may have had some spiritual experiences, they are not fully established in the spirit and are susceptible to desires for name, fame...and other pleasures.

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