Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Sex-less Glee; Madonna; Apple’s divinity; Suicidal soldiers

No sex please, we’re on Glee; Let’s party like it’s 4500 years ago; Don’t weep for the only-child; Life and death of soldiers

Glee sex-less: Series creator Ryan Murphy rules against sex on screen, and for cast while on set to keep Glee a “family show”

The Divinity of Apple: The religious devotion of Apple consumers explained

Madonna plans concert to aid Malawi:  September’s Walk out of Poverty event will feature Bono of U2

Stone Age party animals: Discovery of new British ”henge” is complete with artifacts from 4500 year-old religious feast

Shattering the negative stereotypes of the only-child: U.S recession causes parents to rethink producing more than one child

Suicidal U.S. soliders: June had highest number of soldier suicides in a single month since the Vietnam War

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