Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Royal wedding worship

Relationship lessons from the royals: If William and Kate can make it work, so can you.

‘Like something Disney would write’: Why Americans care about the Royal Wedding.

Life in the limelight: Don’t let them crucify Kate.

Devil’s advocates: European republicans could spoil the party with their message that monarchy is outdated and bizarre.

Written in the stars: Occultist links royal wedding date to Jewish scriptures, Pagans and Freemasons.

Heaven sent? Extraterrestrials could be on the guest list.

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One Comment on “Spiritual Surf: Royal wedding worship”

  1. Royal wedding: a huge waste of money and effort. Why could they not get married in a small, intimate ceremony instead of inviting 1900 guests? Those that have ornate and costly weddings seem to be trying to prove something to themselves, or perhaps to the world at large. These are the marriages, which in my experience, don't work out. If you truly love someone the last thing you want to do is make a huge public display. I do give credit to the couple for asking their wedding guests to donate to charity and not to give them gifts.

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