Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Glenn Beck; Sappho and the Girl Guides; Boomers legacy

Beck: Like tasty catnip. . .to Mormons; Atheists Girl Scouts?; Boomers need to step up their self-indulgent game; Who’s that a knocking?: A Roving Rabbi!

Latter Day Luminary: Fox talk-show host Glenn Beck wants to lead a religious movement, but it seems his popularity depends on whether or not you’re Mormon.

Friends of Sappho? Republician candidate believes Girl Scouts to be a “pro-abortion, feminist training corps.”

Post-colonic: “From the generation that brought you the human potential movement, how do we clean up the mess left by the rest?”

They’ve got Him under their skin: This Anaheim pastor and his parishioners have such devotion to their church they’re expressing it with tattoos.

Who left the light Ohm? If your mind wanders aimlessly during meditation, try this ‘straight line’ method.

Calling Lone Jews: Roving Rabbis knock on doors all over North America and abroad to de-scatter their flock.

Mind-body reconnection: Matthew Sanford’s yoga experiments suggest that energy still travels through a paralyzed body.

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