Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Popping the Plato pill, doomsday feathers, and epiphany doubts

Philosophy trumps anti-depressants; balance bracelet a hoax; Anderson Cooper’s end-of-world source; Christian-haters in Egypt

Happy thinkers: Dr. Lou Marinoff’s book Plato, Not Prozac suggests philosophy can be as powerful as any drug as a personal problem solver, relationship fixer and depression buster

Judgment day or slow news day: Why did CNN interview 80s actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron about a downpour of dead birds? Even he says he never cried doomsday

Flaunting is believing: Celebs like Robert De Niro and Kate Middleton wear it, but the ‘energy flowing’ Power Balance bracelet is really just a rubber band

Elusive Almighty: Some people seem to be born with faith but skeptics, too, can cultivate a belief in God

Spirituality’s credibility problem: Why we doubt people’s peak experiences, even our own

Sloppy coverage: The New Year’s Day attack on a Coptic Church in Egypt shows mounting anti-Christian tension in the Middle East, but where’s the press?

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