Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Dancing at Auschwitz; Mel Gibson; Lady Gaga; Army drones immoral?

Holocaust survivor’s campy dance; Atheism only a blow-dry away; Gaga supports homeless youth; Use of drones in Afghanistan questioned

Busting a move at Auschwitz: Contraversial video displays the joyful side of surviving genocide

Mel’s meltdown: Domestic abuse investigation latest in a downward spiral including addiction issues, racist comments, “extreme” religious views

Atheists break out the blow dryers: Mass de-baptism takes place at American Atheists Convention

Connection between past sexual abuse and future psychiatric illnesses: Hope for earlier treatment as doctors are now more aware of link

Lady Gaga gives back: Volunteers who aid homeless youth rewarded with free tickets and shout-outs

Is Obama’s use of armed drones immoral and illegal? Used regularly in Afghanistan for “targeted assassinations”

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One Comment on “Spiritual Surf: Dancing at Auschwitz; Mel Gibson; Lady Gaga; Army drones immoral?”

  1. i like it (the video)

    the world is an interplay of life and death, light and darkness. . .you can't have one without the other.

    we don't know joy without knowing pain.

    i see nothing wrong with the video at all; in fact, i wish all the survivors had been there dancing.

    like Job, they were dragged to the very brink of annihilation, yet survived.

    they withstood the worst that humans can do to each other.

    it's well worth such a celebration.

    it's been said that the best revenge is outliving your enemies.

    and the child in me sees it as justice: "Nyah, nyah. . .he who laughs last laughs best!

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