Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Celebs are lousy doctors, politicians worship underground

Senators’ spooky shenanigans; doctors shun celebrities but praise Alcoholics Anonymous; Lady Gaga tops do-gooder list; former cross-dresser cures homosexuality

Big Boys’ God club: Jeff Sharlet’s book, C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy tells of US politicians’ scary underground religion.

The pretty people are wrong: Doctors debunk what celebrities say are the secrets to a healthy life.

Most philanthropic celebrity: If ‘doing good’ is in, Gaga is inner than Oprah.

Teenage girl killed for converting: First her parents tortured the 17-year-old for leaving Islam for Christianity, then two unidentified men shot her.

A ‘cure’ for homosexuality? A support group in Singapore says it can help people manage and even ‘overcome’ same-sex desires.

Doctors validate AA: Researchers give medical merit to the spiritual benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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