Friday, September 22nd 2017

Spiritual Surf: The world’s sexiest string-theorist; forbidden foods and more

Palin defends Franklin Graham’s anti-Islam past; It can be a Wonderful Afterlife; the new golden age of TV introduces a dramedy with a spiritual sense of humor, Gravity

Harvard theoretical-physicist Lisa Randall explains parallel universes to Charlie Rose (YouTube, left): CERN’s Hadron super-collider set to put Hawking and ‘multiverses’ to the test

Fundamentalist Sarah Palin comes to the aid of America’s evangelical ‘first family’: Army disinvites Billy Graham’s son from the National Day of Prayer Service because he once said that Islam is a “very evil and wicked religion”

Bend it Like Beckham director takes on weddings and mortality. Gurinder Chadha’s new film, It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, combines horror, romance and female empowerment.

Gravity, The Movie Network’s newest offering about a court-ordered Suicides Anonymous group features a priest, played by Robert Klein, who offers his recovering suicidal parishioners such sage advice as “Go and get a life, preferably sexual.”

Iranian cleric’s misogynist comment during prayer broadcast provokes Facebook protest: 200,000 attending online “Boobquake”

Forbidden foodie delights: pork and shellfish mainstays of Brooklyn’s Traif restaurant, which straddles Jewish hipster and Hasidic communities

U.S. college students addicted to Internet: Signs of withdrawal present after 24 hours “cold turkey” from text messaging, IM, email and FB.

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