Friday, September 22nd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Blaspheming with the stars, slavery, and the meaning of life

Katy Perry blasts Material Girl; celebrities fall from grace; African-Americans breed faith from horror; clergy embrace evolution.

Cross with Madonna: The daughter of two pastors, singer Katy Perry wants other stars to clean up their acts.

Seven years on a yacht: An aristocrat’s film ‘Beheading Buddha’, created after his ocean quest for the meaning of life, says don’t call enlightenment; it’ll call you.

Pastors make peace with apes? The American Christian Clergy invite their members to accept the theory of evolution and allow schools to teach it.

Falsest idols of 2010: An advertising study finds that celebrity endorsements, even those untainted by scandal, don’t necessarily add value to ad campaigns.

Horror bred hope: Slaves pioneered religious freedom, says Lauranette Lee, curator of African-American history for the Virginia Historical Society.

Cruxified constituents: Alabama Jews, atheists and other non-Christians feel ousted by their new governor.

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