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Spiritual Surf: Bladerunner meets Lost, Dalai Lama’s “Liberation”, Meditating Spaces, Eckhart Tolle Says “Enough!”

sayid-lostLost meets Bladerunner

Let’s start with Darryl Hannah to help you make this connection. She played Pris, the “pleasure model” android in Bladerunner, Ridley Scott’s dystopian translation of Philip K. Dick’s 1968 sci-fi novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In Bladerunner, Hannah hides out with the same supporting actor who popped up last week as a mad scientist in the Dharma Initiative on Lost.

His name: William Sanderson. Twenty-seven years ago in Bladerunner, Sanderson played J. F. Sebastian, the prematurely-aged geek who invents FX-like toys. The title of Lost‘s season 5, episode 10, “He’s Our You”, is actually about Sanderson’s character.

Sanderson plays a Timothy Leary-type who injects Sayid with a Sandoz-class hallucinogenic truth-serum during an interrogation. Taken in a different context, Sanderson’s lines could be out of a guided meditation by any number of spiritual teachers on Soul’s Code:

Don’t be afraid. Just turn your mind off, let it take effect. It’s beyond your control, so fighting it is a poor use of your energies.

It works. But when Sayid reveals that he has time-traveled to the island from 30 years in the future, and that the Dharma Initiative will be wiped out by the Others, no one believes his account of quantum entanglement.

Tibetan “Serf Liberation Day”

March 28 marked official “Serf Liberation Day” in Tibet. The Chinese government declared the day a year after violently suppressing demonstrations against Chinese rule in that country. While it’s true that a form of what we in the West might call serfdom was technically legal in some parts of Tibet prior to China’s ousting of the Dali Lama 50 years ago, we find the declaration somewhat disingenuous given the Chinese government’s ongoing attempts to destroy Tibet’s indigenous spiritual culture as a whole — throwing the baby out with the bath water, as it were.  As Sir Winston Churchill once said, “History will be very kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

When meditating, place counts

A nice piece in the Shambhala Sun talks about the importance of creating a comfortable space — both physical and mental — when meditating. When meditating, says author Thanissaro Bhikkhu, you should be “not only careful about what comes out of your mind” but “careful about what comes in.” Be sure to “create quiet, secluded places for yourself, and develop right view.” That’s a gentler path than the sack cloth-and-ashes approach of time-honored ascetics.

Dr. Phil show prompts police raid

Last November, Dr. Phil interviewed Laura and Matthew Eaton about their shoplifting habit. Now their home has been raided by the U.S. Secret Service. During the show, the couple admitted to pilfering about $100,000 a year in goods. No arrests have been made thus far but the incident shows that the people who seek daytime TV fame are sometimes even dumber than those who watch it. Details of the stupidity here.

Oprah’s naughty students

Several students at the big O’s school in South Africa have been suspended for sexual harassment. Her Principalship is not amused.


Pope’s condom nation

First Pope Benedict XVI tells Africa — the continent with the highest rates of HIV/AIDs — that condoms actually “aggravate” the AIDs problem, then a Portuguese bishop admits that condoms can sometimes be useful in suppressing HIV/AIDs. Well, what does one expect from a flip-flopping Papacy that first condemns and then re-instates a holocaust-denying bishop?  A foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but a rational consistency seems in order for big ones.

Eckhart Tolle is not April fooling around

In this newish video, teacher Eckhart Tolle talks about suffering, and when and how to say “enough!” Good advice for the current fear-epidemic.

Special thanks to Jullieane for turning us on to this.

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