Wednesday, September 20th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Astronaut’s “X-Files,” sex and the single girl, priestly scandals, and Oprah tweets

alien1It’s tough being one of the forgotten astronauts. You know the guys who went to the moon who aren’t either — Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin. (Quick: What was the name of Armstrong and Aldrin’s companion astronaut? For the answer see the end of the article.)

Well, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who flew to the moon in February of 1971, has been getting some controversial ink recently.  Addressing a crowd of UFO-ologists at the National Press Club, Mitchell said, “We are being visited” by aliens from outer space. “It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence.” Soul’s Code enthusiasts tend to think the truth is in here. But what if it’s out there*way* out there?

Come one, come all

femaleobuttonWhile sex is not our raison d’etre here at Soul’s Code, we do . . . er . . . touch upon it now and “zen.” So we were intrigued by erotica expert, Susie Bright’s review of Mara Altman’s, Thanks for Coming: One Woman’s Quest for an Orgasm.

“What does the lack of female orgasm mean? Is it like missing the grand tour of Europe — or the crosstown bus? Is it overrated?” asks Bright. Ask one of our female mystics.

Priest goes bad-Santa?

Just when you thought the scandals plaguing the Roman Catholic Church were behind it — so to speak — a Catholic priest in Salinas, CA has been accused of providing alcohol to, and molesting, a 14-year-old boy.  Giving the lad “spiritual massages” rounds out the list of the priest’s alleged misconduct.  Supporters deny the charge, saying the priest was framed by the alleged victim in order to extort money from him.

Oprah the new head twit?

oprahLast Friday, Oprah welcomed the ‘Net savvy’  folks from Twitter on to her show. It’s the best thing that could have ever happened to the Tweet-meisters, as Twitter’s numbers jumped a brisk 43 percent over the previous Friday.

If only Oprah’s show was just 140 characters long.

Hannah Arendt redux

john-demjanjukIt’s almost impossible to believe that, almost 70 years after the fact, that there are still any Nazi war criminals left to prosecute. But there are, as evidenced by the re-surfacing of suspected Nazi camp guard, John Demjanjuk, (pictured at left) 89.

“What is punishment for a person who is capable to do such horror, such horrible things to living people?” holocaust survivor, Elisabeth Mann, asked on CNN. “I cannot imagine that that person has a soul or conscience or heart . . . He simply wouldn’t feel it. . . What kind of punishment could you give to a person like that?”

Answer to our Apollo trivia question at the top of today’s Spiritual Surf: Michael Collins

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