Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Astrological sign-swapping, gun control and Jewish Mom-sters

‘Divine light’ a government scam; philosophers fail to walk the talk; Brits want celebrity-fashion funerals; Zodiac gets a shake-up

Who am I? Horoscope buffs are furious that a wobble in the earth’s axis may have thrown the Zodiac all out of whack and changed their astrological signs.

Oy, not that shikse! New website helps Jewish moms meddle into their kids’ dating lives.

Don’t shoot: A United Church minister makes the case for a god-fearing and gunless America.

Celebrity-style funerals: Brits are opting for colorful sendoffs inspired by Princess Diana and reality TV star Jade Goody, even doing away with sermons and black clothes.

False miracle kills 102 people: Traditions and faith aside, the government of Karala’s fake “divine light” went too far when a hillock crumbled under the weight of devotees.

Big sandals to fill: New book Examined Lives: The Secret Lives of Philosophers says none of Socrates’ followers have attained the life he advocated.

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