Wednesday, October 18th 2017

Spiritual Surf: “Angels and Demons”, Apple’s Jesus app, JFK’s happiness

Tom Hanks’ “Angels and Demons” vs. the Pope

angels-and-demons1MICHAEL MATTIS — Is movie star Tom Hanks the post-modern Galileo? He has lived with the Holy Roman Church’s ire since he starred in Dan Brown’s Catholic conspiracy-theory-inspired The Da Vinci Code.

Now things are a wee bit different, as Hanks’ character, super-stud Harvard prof, Robert Langdon, actually attempts to save the Vatican from the mythical Illuminati. We remember that this was a pretty good audio-book on a road trip. Maybe you’ll like the movie.

Apple dis’s Jesus app

Apple claims that its much-vaunted iPhone always has “an app for that.” Want to know where you are? They’ve got an app for that. Want a pizza? They’ve got an app for that. Want to look like Jesus Christ? They . . . don’t have an app for that. Apple turned down an app, called “Me So Holy,” that uses the iPhone’s camera to take a pic of someone, which can then be morphed into an image of The Christ. What will Apple ban next, the Buddha?

What makes you (and John F. Kennedy) happy?

No, not Marilyn Monroe, as easy on the eyes as she was. America’s intellectual belle lettre, “The Atlantic Monthly,” has just published a piece on happiness, based on the most comprehensive longitudinal study in modern psychiatry, Harvard’s “Grant Study”. It follows 268 men who entered Harvard in the late 30′s — the class of JFK.

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  1. at least apple got rid of the "shake the baby till it dies" have to wonder what's going on with that!! like it doesn't happen enough in real life, we need an app as well!

  2. Thanks again for the Spiritual Surf column!

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