Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Anderson Cooper; Christianity as hate?; Kid philosophers

Vince Vaughn’s gay misstep; Lying on the net; Spiritual women; Bible the “chosen” book?

Vince Vaughn’s Dilemma: Anderson Cooper takes on “That’s so gay” comment in trailer for new V.V. movie.

Liar, liar, fingers on fire: People lie more via email than in letters written the old school way. 

Path from the pew: Why women are increasingly drawn to their own unorthodox brand of spirituality.

Getting cross: Jesus followers urge the United Nations not to reinterpret the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to consider Christian expression as hatred.

Eat your heart out, Greenpeace: A Hindu sect in India reveres nature and will fight to protect it.

Reading behind closed doors: American Civil Liberties Union sues a South Carolina jail for allowing prison inmates to receive Bibles but no other books, religious or otherwise.

Brit generation of thinkers: The If Machine teaches teachers how to encourage philosophical ideas and values in children.

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  1. Anderson is the bomb! Vince is not...

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