Monday, October 23rd 2017

Spiritual Surf: Amazing Race Karma, Arthur Koestler, Courtney Cox

The cosmic side of Courtney Cox; B.F. Skinner and Arthur Koestler redux; Does ABC’s Amazing Race have any grace?

“Amazing Race” had its 2009 premier this week. And so you say, So?!

It just happens to have a lot of spirituality. When a show clones the Victorian-era, global-village meme of Around the World in 80 Days, it’s hard to avoid.

Guess the most common word uttered on this smash-hit reality TV series:


Karma is routinely invoked by on-camera competitors who explain and complain about the good, the bad, and the ugly consequences that go down during the journey.

Paradise postponed: Speaking of karma, B. F. Skinner gets some surprising (indirect) YouTube love. The behaviorist-inspired 1960s “marshmallow” psych test finds a second life as a viral video hit .

Arthur’s England, as in Koestler: The new battle of Britain is over assisted-suicide


Courteney Cox in Cougar Town

The son of another mother: A mix-up of in-vitro embryos led the sincerely Catholic, Carolyn Savage, to carry her child to term and give her newborn to the true biological parents.

Courtney Cox’s character in the new ABC series, Cougar Town, would’ve found herself in a more mindful dating mode if she’d drawn from the actresses’ real life spiritual practice, a fusion of meditation and kick-boxing called Budokon.

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