Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Vatican and New Moon, Mel Gibson, and Marriage Myths

Vatican takes on New Moon while Pope courts artists; Mel Gibson goes rogue; Marriage myths busted

new-moon-wolf-packThe Vatican demonstrates full on hate-on for New Moon

We are as (not) shocked as you are to hear that The Vatican condemns New Moon.  The Vatican’s Culture Council leader, Monsignor Franco Perazzolo isn’t down with the film’s “deviant” message to youth, but perhaps it’s all the fit shirtless dudes adorning the flick that really have his knickers in a twist.

Continuing in a cultural “vein”, the Pope met with 250 artists (500 were invited), including singer Andrea Bocelli, on Saturday, November 21st in a cozy little place called the Sistine Chapel.  His message, to encourage artists to inject more spirituality into their work, and in aid of “renew[ing] the Church’s friendship with the world of art.” Suggestion: a starting place may be for The Vatican to get out of the business of movie critic/censor.

Mel Gibson goes Mad Max on fellow parishioners

mad_maxWonder what The Vatican’s take will be on Mel Gibson going rogue at his private traditionalist Catholic Church, the Holy Family Chapel in Malibu?  Ap”parent”ly due to Mel’s influence, new parishioners are forced to sign a form stating that Holy Family is a private church and they can be barred at any time.

Long story short: a not-so-subtle message to stop talking to the media about Mel, his mistress Oksana Grigorieva, and their  baby girl Lucia.

Stay tuned for Part Two.  In the near future Mel and soon to be ex-wife Robyn will have the pleasure of dividing his close to $1 billion fortune.

$$ Experienced in love and money $$

Even those of us without fortunes such as Mel’s to divide when we split up can benefit from a recent article in the New York Times where financial experts share what they learned when their own marriages imploded.

Top 10 myths about marriage. . .Indian flava

funny-marriageAnd if we are brave enough to contemplate marriage, The Times of India (in a missive that reads like Fox News) does its best to bust 10 common myths about the M word. A personal favorite: Myth #10, marriage benefits men much more than women.

According to “research” both men and women benefit equally from marriage, with husbands gaining greater health benefits, and wives gaining greater financial advantages.  Proving once and for all the Pet Shop Boys may have been right when they sang: “I love you. . .you pay my rent.”

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  1. The pope is just jealous of all those ripped abs :)

  2. Brilliant! loved this article and it's cheeky humour!

  3. "Mad Max" indeed! I used to love Mel, but I think the romance started to wane when I saw how short he was ;-) No, really, height doesn't count at all for me. Niceness does. And I don't think Mel's been getting nicer with age.

    Thanks for the article!

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