Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Spiritual Surf: Carrie Prejean, Swine Flue, Heavy Metal Friar, Shichigosan, and Yoga Retreats

carrieprejean2Online Porn SEO owns “Carrie Prejean”

First it was gay marriage, then a “solo” sex tape (and apparently there are way more of these coming), then a hissy fit on Larry King Live.  Now former Miss California Carrie Prejean explains her views on how there is nothing in the Bible saying that sporting breast implants makes you less of a  Christian to Christianity Today.

But internet searchers beware: even modern monastics with an electronic scriptorium (i.e. computer) will find some searches for “Carrie Prejean” littered with porn sites and deadly viruses (as we learned the hard way).  The solution: an end to Prejean’s 15 minutes of fame, or good protection for your computer.

Conspiracy Curehypodermic1

Speaking about viruses, could there be a sneaky micro-chiping for world domination via the H1N1 vaccine?  A priest in Croatia thinks so.  Fra Miroslav Bustruc in Croatia urged his congregation to avoid the swine flu vacine because it contains microchips designed to control the recipient of the shot.  What sort of control is unclear, but Fra thinks this is all part of a master plan to exterminate a large portion of the world’s population.

frattellometallo1Capuchin Friar End Heavy Metal Career

Frate Cesare Bonizzi (also known as “Fratello Metallo”, Brother Metal), a Franciscan friar with a great passion for performing heavy metal music, has officially ended his musical career.  Father Bonizzi, who has produced several albums, openly shared how all music is not only God’s gift to mankind, but a means for sharing the Gospel.  Among the reasons for quiting his band: the Devil was separating Frate Bonizzi from his fellow band members and his religious community.


Sunday marked the Shinto holiday of Shichigosan, an annual appeal for parents seeking divine protection for their children.  Throughout Japan five year old boys, and three year old, or seven year old girls, dressed in stunning outfits and visited Shinto shrines.  The ages of the children is highly significant in Shinto astrology, odd numbers being indicative of good luck and fortune, making the holiday all the more important for protecting vulnerable children.

parmarthniketan2Picture Perfect Yoga

TASCHEN will soon release an visually stunning book titled Great Yoga Retreats, a pictorial journey through the world’s most tranquil retreat destinations.  From Parmarth Niketan Ashram, the “birthplace” of yoga, to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, these yoga retreats strike a pose.  These retreats were chosen for their beautiful landscapes, informative classes and teachers, and, of course, a serene space for practicing yoga.

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