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Spiritual Surf: Hindus, Atheism, Mormons, and the Aryan India

Ancient Aryans’ “Amor fati” is the grandparent for Hinduism’s “karma”, Mormonism’s emotive dark-side, and evolving blogs on ever-trendy atheism.

hinduiconmuslimseller2 FriskoDude has this great picture of a Muslim man selling icons of Hindu gods. A toast to the Indian Muslims blog for pointing it out.

Jason Pitzl-Waters, a practicing vegan,  describes a Hindu leading the prayer of the Nevada Senate:…while it may seem innocuous to some, there is something inherently radical about a public prayer that welcomes such a broad variety of belief and worship.

A self-proclaimed evolutionist writes about worldwide atheism trends, synopsizing work by Phil Zuckerman. Sweden, Vietnam and Denmark have the greatest number of atheists, the blogger writes.

Sailing to Byzantium writes about his personal journey out of Mormonism. The author started questioning his faith after working with his brother through a crisis, he writes.

“Ultimately, it came down to testimony. When I said “I know the Church is true,” what was I basing that on? I was basing it on powerful emotional experiences I had in the Missionary Training Center and on general good feelings that I had developed toward the Church and its teachings over the course of my life. When I looked carefully, I realized that these bases were totally unsatisfactory.”

It’s an amazing personal journal that’s worth reading.

Justin Halter, a professor of comparative religion, writes about the Aryan influence on Hinduism. The Aryans exploded across Asia in 1500 B.C. Professor Halter writes. He draws parallels between between the beliefs of the two cultures and shows how they may may have combined:

“The Aryans seemed to love the idea of irresistible fate. In classical Greece, the Fates controlled even the destiny of the gods. In classical Hinduism, it is karma that must be submitted to, also controlling the destinies of gods and men. It appears that the native Indians contributed the idea of reincarnation, which does not appear elsewhere in Aryan culture.”

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