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Soul’s Code Trivia Quiz – A Traditional Christmas

christmas_treePagan feasts, pious observances, drunken revelry, family get-togethers: The celebration of Christmas is thought to be an age-old tradition. But from which age does this tradition actually derive?

Christmas has evolved from a pagan celebration of the solstice; to a Christian honoring of the birth of Jesus; to a raucous, drunken Mardi Gras-like roving street party; to a secular, family holiday complete with a tree, the story of Santa and the exchange of gifts.

The celebration that we embrace today has changed drastically in the past several hundred years, and continues to evolve as we embrace new ideas and rituals from various cultures. How well do you know the history of the tradition we call Christmas?

Test your knowledge of the influences that have shaped our celebration in Soul’s Code’s Christmas Trivia Quiz below.

1. What Roman holiday was originally celebrated on December 25th?

saturnalia2. During the Middles Ages, the poor would celebrate Christmas by going door-to-door and demanding food and drink of the wealthy led by whom?

3. In what location was Christmas outlawed from 1659 to 1681?

mark-twain4. Which best-selling American author is credited with influencing the celebration of Christmas in the U.S. from a past time of raucous revelry to a peaceful, family holiday with his invented accounts of holiday reminiscences?

5. Which British author influenced the practice of charity and goodwill at Christmastime in both England and the United States?

its-a-wonderful-life6. What is the most famous Christmas movie in the U.S.?

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