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Soul’s Code Trivia Quiz – What’s so scary about Friday the 13th?

Some refuse to go to work, others refuse to dine out, and almost no one will get married on Friday, the 13th. From The Flood to King Phillip IV of France, we have traced the spiritual origins of this superstition.


No one can say for certain when and why Western culture first began to associate Friday the 13th, and especially the number 13, with bad luck and misfortune. There are more than a few theories. 

Some say the suspicion dates back to the Pagans, the Norse or the early Christians. Some say it derives from unfortunate historical events or from Biblical events.

We invite you take a break from your work day, if indeed you were brave enough to venture out today, and test your knowledge of the number 13 and all things Friday.

1. What is the name of the condition that describes fear of Friday the 13th?

[caption id="attachment_12477" align="alignright" width="205" caption="Witches\' Sabbath - Goya"]Witches' Sabbath - Goya[/caption]

2. Which day of the week was known by early Christians as the "Witches' Sabbath?"

3. How many Friday the 13th's are there in 2009?

4. How many witches are in a coven?

5. On which day of the week was Christ crucified?


6. The lunar calendar has 13 months. True or false?

7. Which culture nearly expunged the number 13 from its language?

8. How many disciples attended the Last Supper?

9. According to legend, what will happen if 13 people sit down to dinner?

10. On what day of the week did Eve tempt Adam with the apple?


11. Beginning on Friday, Octover 13, 1307 and continuing for 7 years, King Phillip the IV of France imprisoned and tortured members of which ecumenical group? 

12. On what day did the Great Flood begin?

13. On what day did God create Man?

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