Thursday, August 24th 2017

Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers’ Quiz – Female mystics? Not so much

madonna-red-stringWhat spiritual bling have would-be wise women like Winona Ryder, Madonna and Courtney Love been known to wear with their designer gowns? Kabbalah bracelets and more . . .

They’re not exactly leading ladies of enlightenment but a couple of them have enjoyed the first half of that designation as stars on the silver screen. In these times celebs aren’t just after the limelight: they seek illumination — and are appropriating some of the practices and iconography of the real-life female mystics that Soul’s Code has featured here.

It is not enough for these famous females that they are already worshiped for being rich, attractive, and sometimes talented. Now they want credit for good karma, too. See how they measure up, spiritually speaking:

1. Which female celebrity has ceased wearing red string Kabbalah bling?

paris-and-nikki-hilton2. Which pair of famous sisters are members of the Jehovah's Witnesses?

carmen_electra1_300_4003. Which famous female has reported experiencing an awakening by doing yoga, in spite of the Vatican's warning that the practice has potential for becoming a "cult of the body"?

4. What is Lauren Bacall's religion?

marilyn-monroe5. Which leading lady is not now, and has never been, a member of the Christian Science Church?

6. Okay, so this guy is not a famous female. But women worship him. Especially on Twitter. So which fictional religion on that site, named in honor of Transformers 2 star Shia Labeouf, has more than 16,000 followers?

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  1. Thanks for confirming that my mind is not occupied with inessentials. Getting 2 out of 6 right must mean I'm making spiritual progress, right?

  2. These quizzes are fun, thanks!

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